April 10, 2017

We bring you some food trucks that, apart from serving exciting food, make every visit worth remembering 


In recent years, food trucks have become increasingly popular. While no one can deny the pleasures of fine dining, a haphazard lifestyle presents its own challenges. A quick grab-a-bite seems to be a rising trend over the years, and it finds its fullest expression in the form of food trucks. Essentially, a food truck is a kitchen contained within a truck, ready to offer delicacies in the shortest time possible. However, there are some food trucks that endeavour to make every visit memorable – some through their cuisines and others by the themes defining their trucks. It’s these peculiar qualities which enable them to stand out amongst the rest, and arouse the interest of the customer at first glance. 



Maximus/Minimus, Seattle, Washington
What’s so unique about this one? Well, Maximus/Minimus in Seattle resembles a giant, moving pig-shaped vehicle and serves up spicy and savoury pork sandwiches while turning heads in the Emerald City. It had its beginnings as a small store front, which then became a catering truck, before morphing into a giant pig.However, to grab a bite from this hog on wheels, be sure to visit it during summer. 


Guactruck, Manila, Philippines
Guactruck in Manila is a sleek food truck that is eco-conscious and provides a unique dining experience to residents of this island capital. From the floor to ceiling windows that provide views to drool over, to the LED energy efficient lighting systems in the trunk – everything has been created to leave its lasting impression on the customer. Also, after trying a Pork Adobo Burrito bowl, and you happen to come back for the second time, remember to bring along the sustainable packaging Guactruck uses, as the next meal is on the house.

Roving Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes, California
Roving Mammoth in Mammoth Lakes, California, is one of the coolest and most unique food trucks one may ever come across. Roving Mammoth is built atop a snowcat and is capable of driving on snow and icy terrain. Hit the slopes while the sun shines and grab a burrito from this insane food truck for an experience that is uniquely Californian. 


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