Corporate Jet-Setter: An interview with Jai Tondak, VP & Head - Corporate Service Group, nThrive Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

November 14, 2018


Q: Most memorable trip to any destination?
My most memorable trip was a 2-week trip to Croatia, to see the wetlands and experience the magical islands of the country.


Q: You dream of going to? 
I would love to be in Norway someday to experience the Northern Lights hunt.


Q: Favourite airline and why? 
Qantas Airways. In my opinion, it has more comfortable seats, more privacy, and their pods are arranged in such a way that everyone has an aisle seat.


Q: Best hotel experience and why? 
Park Hyatt Sydney was my best hotel experience till date, because of its great location, beautiful rooms and facilities. I’ve also enjoyed my stay at Oberoi Udaivilas in India. The spectacular settings, amazing staff and high-quality services make it my favourite. 



Q: A place you plan to visit again? 
Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia, makes for a relaxing getaway for me, out of the hustle bustle of city life.

Q: A family vacation that stands out?
My 2-week family trip to Croatia stands out as my best family vacation, where we enjoyed the various islands and wetlands of the country amidst scenic surroundings. On the trip, we realised the importance of being together as a family.


Q: Your best holiday with friends?
It was a boys’ week out to Pattaya and Macau. I remember that trip quite fondly, as we realised the value of ‘friendship,’ which can only be discovered if we venture out of the rat race.


Q: Great food you enjoyed and where?
I am addicted to Thai cuisine, and the iconic Thai Pothong Restaurant, located at Sydney’s Newtown district, has been my favourite since my college days. Its authentic Thai food, impeccable Thai service and impressive Thai ambience are recipes for a true Thai experience. I also love eating at Neung Roi at Radisson Delhi, which serves real Thai food in NCR.


Q: What to watch out for while travelling?
I travel light, but also make sure that I pack as per the country I am visiting.


Q: As a travel buyer, what’s your philosophy? 
I’m always inspired and refreshed by travel. I strongly believe in equality, and travelling helps me remember that no matter where we are raised or living, what we look like or what we do, people are really the same, and everyone is worth getting to know. I always see what I can learn from my visits. I believe in “Keeping your eyes open” – there’s a good chance you’ll take away something that will change your life forever.




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