The Disgusting Food Museum to open its doors in Los Angeles

December 4, 2018



The Disgusting Food Museum, featuring the most provocative foods from around the world, is opening its doors in Los Angeles for visitors to see, smell, and even taste (if they dare) international foods. The Disgusting Food Museum is not just an exhibit, but a celebration of food from around the world highlighting how different cultures may or may not view certain things as disgusting. Exhibited at the Architecture and Design Museum in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, The Disgusting Food Museum welcomes visitors to enjoy a culinary journey beginning December 9, 2018 through February 17, 2019.

The Disgusting Food Museum will introduce its visitors to worldwide delicacies from 80 diverse food exhibits that include:


·         Frog smoothies from Peru

·         Maggot cheese from Sardinia

·         The notoriously smelly fruit, the Durian, from Thailand

·         Surströmming, the infamous putrid sea herring dish from Sweden

·         Mouse Wine, drowned baby mice in rice wine from China



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