Re-negotiate Your Taste Buds: Exploring Park Hyatt's Rika

December 19, 2018

Park Hyatt Hyderabad’s new restaurant Rika, offers modern Asian cuisine with a dash of spice


Situated at the heart of  Hyderabad, in close proximity to the international airport and the HITEC City, is the stunning Park Hyatt Hyderabad. The sleek architecture of the hotel, the priceless pieces of art, the iconic interiors and the grand atrium make it one of the most sought-after properties in the city. 
Loved by leisure and business travellers alike, the hotel is sure to win you over and impresses with its superior services and world-class amenities. Experience the exceptional service standards of the hotel, grounded in thoughtfulness and rooted in the impeccable positivity of its staff. Whether it is a business trip or a leisure weekend trip with your loved ones, the hotel measures up with its unmatched services and luxury amenities – right from the fine pieces of art that embellish its corridors to the out-of-this-world culinary experiences that are crafted for your tastes and preferences. However, it is the latest addition to the property – Rika, a modern Asian restaurant, which is the hotel’s pièce de résistance.



The most sought-after restaurant in town, Rika derives its name from the spice, ‘Paprika.’ The restaurant curates modern Asian dishes under the umbrella of chillies, based on their Scoville units (a measurement of the hotness index of chilli). The restaurant is poised to set a trend in the Food and Beverage industry, with its unique concept, philosophy of dining, and breathtaking culinary theatrics. Meant for a young and hip crowd, Rika is your go-to destination if you want to explore the intense heat of chillies combined with the flavours of Asia.



Stylish Ambience
Rika’s ambience is one that exudes a natural charisma and gregariousness. The heady aroma of chillies being grounded to fine pastes and powders is heady, as you sit down to pamper your palate. Chefs prepare a variety of Asian delicacies like Sushi and Shashimi, prepared specially to tingle your taste buds.
The restaurant also has a private dining area, if you like to dine with your friends and family in a quiet and intimate space. There’s a community table right in front of the Teppans for those who enjoy watching their food being curated right in front of them. For couples and families the option of private dining is also available. Open every day for dinner, Rika promises to take you on a journey full of fun and energy with great music on weekdays and live DJ music on Fridays and Saturdays, until 3am. Culinary theatrics are matched with some of the most innovative cocktails served at the bar by the hotel’s team of highly experienced mixologists.
In sync with the pungency and heat of the Asian dishes, the artworks of the restaurants ooze contemporary style and modern vibes. The interiors of Rika have been aesthetically designed to create spaces that tell a story and offer a unique experience.  



Asian Respiced
The culinary focus at this modern Asian restaurant is the reinvention of the mundane – it adheres to a concept versus a genre. It unites flavoursome dishes under the common umbrella of Chillies and their corresponding Scoville units. The cuisine revolves around the concept of modern Asian dining – there is Chinese from the famed China House at Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Teppan from the iconic TK’s at Hyatt Regency Delhi, and Japanese cuisine, all with hits of chillies from across the globe. Apart from the food, guests will also enjoy the restaurant’s selection of unique cocktails, the beautiful murals, and the bar installation, all of which are worth checking out. The menu contains delectable starters, like Rock Shrimp Tempura, Kung Pao Chicken, Prawn Hargao and a variety of Baos to choose from. 



Team of Experts
The restaurant’s staff is highly experienced and thoroughly trained in their respective fields of specialisation. On board is Chef Myo Zaw Aung, who is renowned for his exquisite fusion techniques, paired with modern cooking methods and artistic plating styles. With over 24 years of experience, he brings his top-notch culinary expertise to Rika, as he takes on the coveted position of the Executive Chef - Asian. 
Mixologist Roxanne Read, who hails from South Africa and has over nine years of experience, is another asset to Rika. She intends to redefine and revolutionise the art of mixology, raise the bar a notch higher and bring to the city some of the most unique cocktails known to connoisseurs. 



A Spicy Affair 
Rika sets a new standard in the culinary world with its exciting range of dishes and exceptional standards of services. Thomas Abraham, General Manager, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, sums it up in the following words: “Rika sets the stage for a culinary journey that’s alive with drama, spice, and wonder through the magical streets of Asia. Let us tell you our story of love speckled with hits of chilli that will elevate your senses and keep you guessing with every scene that unfolds in the theatre that is...Rika.”

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