KLM becomes the first airline company to provide WhatsApp services to its customers

January 4, 2019


KLM becomes the first airline to offer WhatsApp services for its customers and inner circle. The airline has launched ‘Family Updates’ on WhatsApp. This new service lets passengers start a WhatsApp group to keep friends and family updated about their flight status. This way, KLM meets the needs and wishes of its customers to reassure people at home and keep them informed, as soon as there is an update.

After booking a flight on klm.com, customers can choose to receive their booking confirmation and flight status updates via WhatsApp.  Once the customer chooses the option, he or she will receive a WhatsApp message saying: “Would you like KLM to keep your friends and family informed about your flight status?” They will also receive a link to activate their WhatsApp group. When they click on this link, KLM automatically creates a WhatsApp group and invites the customer to join the group. KLM sends them an introductory message after which they can immediately start adding their friends and family to the group.


KLM passengers who receive their boarding pass via WhatsApp will get an invite to use this latest KLM WhatsApp service, free of charge. KLM will then send a message to the friends and family of participating passengers as soon as the flight has departed. Immediately after landing or if the flight is delayed – even before the passenger has Wi-Fi or data roaming – the home front will receive a notification. In addition to these proactive automated messages, group members can also ask KLM about the flight’s progress. With this service, KLM wants to make their passengers’ journey easier and hopes the home front finds more peace of mind. At present this feature is available in English.



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