18th Macao City Fringe Festival to be held from January 11-27, 2019

January 11, 2019


Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the 18th Macao City Fringe Festival, which is to be held from January 11-27, 2019, will be inaugurated on January 11, 2019, at 7:30pm, at the Old Court Building, during when the “18th Branch of Macao City Fringe Supermarket” will have its grand opening.


The performance Sigma will then to the stage, showcasing virtuoso geometries through the combination of circus and classical Indian dance. On the day of the opening ceremony, Sigma by circus Gandini Juggling and award-winning choreographer Seeta Patel from the United Kingdom, will showcase exuberant rhythms and colours and will create virtuoso geometries through the combination of circus and Indian dance.


The Interactive Urban Music Ensemble will feature an installation art and an outdoor orchestra, inviting the audiences to play music by touching an installation with drawings of different musical instruments. Ephemeral Windows – Rooftop Street Art — will use rice paper to show a non-invasive street art, inviting people from different walks of life to exchange views and participate, thereby transforming the city through art. Further, the Flash Mob, Phubber Drama, will invite the audiences to engage in an interaction filled with fun and reflection by catching phubbers at bus stops.


Other splendid performances will include The Icebook by British artists Davy & Kristin McGuire from the United Kingdom. The show, 'Be My Old Friend' by the Dream Theatre Association, will tell personal stories of the elderly about their cherished objects, piecing together the bygone days of Macao. In the outdoor performance Sonia, written by local scriptwriter Ma Wai In and directed by Ku Ieng Un, the audience will listen to a story which reflects the “reality” of “non-human” characters. The dance performance Goldfish, presented by Four Dimension Spatial from Macao and Changde Modern Dance Company from Hunan, will reveal the concealed memories of emotional taboos under the logic of dreams.

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