Experience Local Flavors Amidst The Mountains At Rakkh Resort

January 22, 2019


It is said that you do not completely enjoy a new place till you haven’t eaten their local foods and tried their cuisines.  Situated in the beautiful mountains of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, Rakkh Resort is the perfect destination to enjoy the perks of nature and the authenticity of local food, both, under one roof.


Rakkh strongly believes in promoting local food and flavours. The idea is to use produce which is locally grown and hence retain the freshness and tastes of these ingredients. Thus their main emphasis is on including local Himachal food on the menus, promising to give an exuberant experience to the tourists with its rich and out of this world flavors. Their main restaurant, Dhaam (meaning “Feast” in the local language) is a multi-cuisine restaurant, serving the best of pan-Indian and International cuisine, including south Indian breakfasts, fresh salads, mouth-watering South East Asian and Mediterranean fare. It also has the exquisite "Dham Thali", which includes Madra, Luchipoti, Sidu, Dham and Aktori, all famous in the Himachal. Ancient Himachali spices like Jakhiya, a tiny seed resembling mustard and Jambu, a chive-like herb are used to add the local authentic flavor to various dishes and dals respectively. The most fascinating ingredient of them all is Bhaang (hemp) that is used in side dishes like chutneys. This amazing mix of local food served in the lap of nature attracts and fascinates travellers from all over the world.




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