The Craft Project at Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts documents the material culture of India

April 22, 2019


 Cocoa and Jasmine is an independent culture publication that is interested in arts, crafts, design and travel. Their content includes visual documentation of crafts and design, interviews of women founders of creative brands, special projects like the memory series, reporting art events and exhibits from visual artists, poetic travel journals and curated city guides. Through this magazine they wish to represent the contemporary creative landscape in India as well as the world.


The Craft Project is an initiative by Cocoa and Jasmine, an independent culture publication that wishes to document tangible anthropology i.e material culture of a place and comment on its relevance in the contemporary space. It also wishes to bring together a community of craft entrepreneurs and create a collective of common motivation. The Craft Project celebrates diversity in culture through objects, folk arts, crafts, and design.  


To translate this research project into a physical space, a series of events has been created in different cities in India and abroad that will bring a community together and take this dialogue ahead. The event will comprise of a textile installation, a photo exhibit, display of our printed journals and a panel discussion.


The first event in Delhi which will take place on the 27.4.19, 5pm at the Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts.  The event series will later continue to other cities in India and Abroad.  







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