Etihad Airways marked the month of Ramadan with the launch of the Ramadan Fridge for the underprivileged community

May 27, 2019


Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, marked this blessed month of Ramadan with the launch of the Etihad Ramadan Fridge. This fully stocked refrigerator has been stationed in three countries, including India, as a means to provide food and beverage items to underprivileged communities. In the recent years, ‘Ramadan Sharing Fridges’ have become a tradition across the UAE, with hundreds placing their own stocked fridges outside their homes, so that those in need can help themselves and break their fast.


This year, Etihad Airways decided to take this local spirit of giving, and share it with the world. Etihad has specially-designed their own fridges – dubbed the ‘Etihad Ramadan Fridge’ - and delivered them to three underprivileged communities around the world. Each fridge will be stocked with food and beverage items during the Holy Month of Ramadan.


Taking this local act of kindness global, the Etihad Ramadan Fridge was brought to Mumbai last week, and hosted by the Faizan E Nooriya Orphanage in the western suburbs of the city. Home to 35 children, the orphanage also caters for the education of around 50 additional children from the surrounding area. To stock the fridge, Iftar meals for the orphanage have been prepared and delivered daily. The journey of this fridge, which began in Jakarta, will be concluded in Karachi next week. Neerja Bhatia, Vice President, Indian Sub-continent, Etihad Airways said, “We are
grateful to bring the Etihad Ramadan Fridge to our country and extend this spirit of sharing to the communities here. This initiative illustrates a local act of kindness and 
generosity that Etihad has taken across countries during the month of Ramadan. On behalf of Etihad Airways, we would like to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan Kareem.”


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