Exploring Heritage Resorts of Coorg and Hampi

July 8, 2019


The Heritage Resorts offer authentically local, immersive boutique experiences in the stunning locations of Hampi and Coorg. Singular and bespoke experiences, along with a strong commitment to the environment and sustainable living, are their forte. The Heritage Hotels borrow from the treasure trove of ancient Indian living, taking inspiration from a timeless heritage to create memories that last for a lifetime.


When it comes to being close to nature Heritage Resorts are deeply committed to the environment. The resorts follow sustainable practices which allow for the natural ecology, local populance to be benefited. The resorts also give visitors a refreshing and tranquil stay.


The Heritage Resorts not only encourage environmental practices, but also empower the community by providing jobs to locals. They have helped local artists to create an ethnic village in the space, and import goods and services from within the community. The locals might not have the formal education in tourism or in hotel keeping but these people are from the area and close to their roots . 


The Hampi property is a sprawling resort, which offers an ode to the distinctive art and architecture of the Vijaynagar Empire. As a sustainable eco-tourism resort, it is set in 9 acres of mango and coconut plantations. The tranquil and luxurious settings offer a quiet retreat with a return to nature. The accommodation is divided across pool villas, jacuzzi villas and deluxe villas. The resort also offers farm to table experiences, experiences like pottery, cattle milking and leisure activities. There are also vineyard experiences on offer for those interested.


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