Hyatt Place Gurgaon celebrates 'Biryani Trails' at Gallery Café

August 22, 2019



Biryani, also known as biriyani, is a rice dish, which conjures fond memories and regional pride in the Indian sub-continent. Aromatic long grain rice is slow cooked with choicest of ingredients by chefs using techniques perfected over the years and passed down generations. Exotic spices and flavourings such as saffron, cardamom, mace and vetiver water are used at different stages of cooking to impart unique aromas which lend biryani its due place in the culinary world.


It’s time to let your heart out as Hyatt Place Gurgaon celebrates “Biryani Trails” at Gallery Café. The festival promises to offer food connoisseurs and gourmands of Delhi-NCR an array of exquisite vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavoured biryanis from across India.


‘Biryani Trails’ is on from August 23rd, 2019 to August 31st, 2019 from 11am to 11pm at Gallery Café and features a selection of aromatic and flavourful mouth-watering biryanis from across the country. Chef Rick, Head Chef for the hotel along with his specialized team has crafted a well-balanced menu highlighting a variety of flavours and spices, helping the guests experience and celebrate the culinary culture and flavours from several Indian states famous for its biryanis.


The menu offers classics like the Hyderabadi kacche gosht ki biryani, Kai kari biryani, Lucknowi dum murg biryani and some “off the beaten track” like Delhi-6 Soya chaap biryani and Malabar chemmeen biryani to select from.


Chef Rick says “a delightful escapade for all biryani lovers is here. So, head towards Gallery Café and make your day biryani-licious!” He further adds “The finest blend of flavourful biryanis is awaiting you at Hyatt Place Gurgaon. We have tried not to alter the origin and simplicity of the different preparations so as to maintain the authenticity. Do come and treat yourself to delectable biryanis that will surely stimulate the palate and leave you asking for more”



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