Celebrity home cook Nigella Lawson wins hearts at the second edition of The World Series

September 23, 2019



Last weekend, Nigella Lawson, the internationally acclaimed and devotedly followed, best-selling cookbook author and mega successful televised food personality was in Delhi at The Roseate for the second edition of The World Series presented by American Express and Evolve — a brand synonymous for hosting bespoke events with world renowned celebrities.


Over the 24 hours she spent in the city, Nigella’s mystique was so expansive and compelling that every diner, every chef and every server working alongside her was transformed momentarily into someone better and more confident in their ability to cook or just savour the deep pleasure of eating food.  And that’s the enduring appeal of one of the most successful foodies in the world. 


Guests who attended the exclusive lunch and dinner experiences were mesmerized from the very minute, the ‘Domestic Goddess’ entered the room. How she has inspired millions to proudly eat leftovers out of the fridge and of measuring inexactly, letting your senses and your instincts lead you toward meals is no easy feat, considering how almost everyone seeks to achieve perfection. This was evidently visible in the way crème de la crème of New Delhi and Mumbai lined up with their cook-books for a memorable personal autographs and a photo opportunity, of course.


As was to be expected, Nigella’s ability to hold the attention of 100+ people in a crowded room was a sight to behold. When a diner asked her about how so many women wanted to be just like her, she empowered so many of us by talking about the power of being exactly who you are. Or the time she insisted that butter is a really good moisturiser so we must indulge in it until our heart desires. 


Of course, Nigella knows her way around a kitchen. Of course, her food is incredible. But most importantly, she knows what you want to eat and that’s what made it so great to eat a meal with her standing 20 metres away from you. An experience that truly was once-in-a-lifetime.




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