Experience the Unexpected: Carl Vaz, CEO and Strategic Director, Destination Canada, speaks on wellness

September 23, 2019

Wellness is not just about spas. It’s also about Wellness of the mind. Canada offers many such experiences, such as meeting up with the First Nations people of Canada. I visited a place called Kamloops, in BC, on the western seaport, and as part of that visit, I spent time with an Attraction Specialist, along with some First Nations people. They took me on a canoe in the middle of a lake and talked about the mountain tops and the lessons they’ve learnt from their leaders and elders. These lessons were not documented, but spread from one generation to another by word of mouth. I found the experience an eye-opener. It was just not a regular leisure attraction, but had to do with Wellness of the mind. There are many such experiences that one could build into an itinerary.


The Rockies house many open-air spas. But, if you can marry a cruising experience at the Great Lakes or Thousand Island Lakes coupled with an overnight or two-night stay in Nature Parks, then it becomes a very interesting Wellness experience.

Apart from trying the Fairmont spa or hot springs in Banff, one can engage in many other therapies, such as engaging in tours with the First Nations people in Yukon and Northern Territories. Taking a Wellness therapy in Nunavut, amidst Nature, has a calming effect on mind, body and soul.

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