Corporate Jet-Setter: An Interview with Amol Prasadi, Associate General Manager, Kaya India, Mumbai

November 30, 2019












Q: Most memorable trip to any destination:
My multiple tours to Austria have been most memorable. Austria is famous for its castles, palaces and buildings, among other architectural marvels and skiing resorts. Austria is a culturally rich country with a mixture of Austrian and Bavarian cultures. Scenic beauty and traditional houses set across cities and villages of Austria make it an outstanding destination. It is one of the best places for skiing. Music lovers should visit Salzburg, the birth place of Mozart, which is now a centre for art and music. Salzburg Festival happens every summer which hosts musical and drama shows by very famous artists.  


Q: You dream of going to:
South America is one region I am eagerly looking forward to explore. The region is one of the most diverse areas in this continent with amazing natural sights and food to savour.


Q: Favourite airline and why?  
Cathay Pacific is my most preferred airline, be it for business or economy class. I have travelled both business and economy with them. The lounges, in-flight service, on-time flights, great food and the experience are way beyond anything I have seen.


Q: Best hotel experience and why? 
King David Hotel, Jerusalem. This is a heritage property built almost in limestone, situated in the city centre overlooking Old City and famous Mount Zion. The property generally hosts presidents and prime ministers of all countries. The day-and-night views from restaurant are exemplary. This is one place every traveler needs to experience at least once during their visit to Jerusalem. The property architecture and service levels are a true reflection of Israeli people and their culture.  


Q: A place you plan to visit again? 
Hong Kong is one place that always offers something new for every age group. I have visited Hong Kong thrice for leisure and business. They have got a plethora of things to offer, from adventure parks, shopping, food, cruises, helicopter rides to night life etc. Paris is another destination I would love to visit again as one can’t do justice to all the Parisian attractions in just one visit.


Q: A family vacation that stands out:
When it’s family it’s Singapore. The facilities, infrastructure, ease of travel, weather plus food are excellent to support all family needs. They have got everything a family will look forward to on a vacation. Our family covered half of Singapore’s key destinations on foot and used metro for the rest, making it a most commuter-friendly destination.


Q: Your best holiday with friends:
Munich, Germany, is known as the beer capital of the world. No visit is complete without  a visit to Hofbräuhaus (oldest and most famous beer garden), known for its beer, food and music. The city centre has heritage buildings, town halls, churches and local markets. Must visits in Munich are BMW Museum and Olympic City.


Q: Great food you enjoyed and where? 
Burj AI Haman – Lebanese food in Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. It is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the city with a huge menu at your disposal. In the evening, book a table in gallery section from where you can view the water and light show of Burj Khalifa.


Q: What to watch out for while travelling? 
A very well-planned itinerary with advance bookings. Carry enough medicines if you are travelling to far-off destinations from city. Weather in some countries is drastic, be prepared for rains, snowfall or cold breeze.


Q: As a travel buyer, what’s your philosophy? 
Avenues a country or region offers. This can change on type of group you are taking. A perfect balance of adventure, shopping and food always makes a great tour for any destination.

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