20 best reasons for you to experience Monaco

January 30, 2020


Seeing amazing architecture, admiring centuries-old pieces of art, tasting new foods and accumulating memorable experiences to last you a lifetime becomes a quasi-addiction that you are very happy to feed. In other words, that indescribable feeling you get when you make the first step on a new journey to discover yet another portion of the world. It does not matter if the journey is of a thousand miles or much, much less. What matters is that it makes you feel alive.

For more than 150 years, Monte Carlo keeps being a mythical destination. Glamour, Dream, Romance are still on when evoking the Principality. Despite the years, the success of Monaco is now more obvious than ever. During many decades, we listed 5 or 10 good reasons to come to Monaco. In 2020, this is much larger than that!

You have now 20 reasons to come whatever the purpose is!

Lifestyle Top 5

Love the laid-back life? Check into an elegant suite, with sprawling views of the sea. Feel your jangle nerves unknot under the expert ministrations of a spa therapist. Delve into the pleasure of gourmet world cuisine, and watch the night slide by over cocktails after shopping.


The excellency of Luxury hotels

The High level of a locavore gastronomy

The diversity and tailored made Spa Excellence

The sparkle and magical trendy Nightlife

Shopping over forty of the world's most prestigious luxury brands


Culture Top 5
If you seek an action-packed sensory feast, Monaco lays out a year round feast of culture, festivals, ballet performances, orchestras, operas and exhibition

The International Monte Carlo Ballet Company
The Unmistakable talent at the Opera de Monaco
The brilliant musical library of the OPMC season
The remarkable heritage and an outstanding wealth and variety of sites, museums and
Challenging and diverse cultural program and exhibition open to all publics.



Sports top 5
For fans of sport, living in Monaco means being able to attend events of international stature and practicing a number of sports chosen from a very wide array of disciplines, under the guidance of competent supervision.
The Iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix, the historical Grand prix
The Unique setting of the tennis Master series
Support the basketball new Rocca team match performances
New Legends Skyboxes offer VIP welcome to watch AS Monaco matches
Sailing with the Yacht Club de Monaco, a certain Art de Vivre la Mer and in their daily lives.


Business Extended Monaco Top 5
Inaugurating a new cycle of prosperity by liberating Monaco from its territorial constraints for the first time, digital technology with the 5 G is an opportunity to embark on a new development cycle and to take a more prominent seat in the forum of global cities.
Monaco has an extremely diverse economy, more than 110 industries within the tiny sovereign
state including construction, banking and shipping.
The Principality boasts an excellent infrastructure and is socially and politically stable.
There are a number of excellent venues for business conventions in Monaco in hotels and including the Grimaldi Forum,
The Monaco Government is very supportive of self-starters looking to launch a business in Monaco and there is a department which has been set up to offer help and advice.
Nice Cote Azur International Airport is just 30 minutes away by car or 5 minutes by helicopter, meaning that businessmen can be on a plane in very little time. Vice versa for clients or contacts coming to Monaco to visit residents.

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