Corporate Jet-setter: Rahul Lal, FRICS, National Head for Infrastructure, Facilities, Real Estate & Security, Dalmia Bharat Group

February 1, 2020


Q: Most memorable trip to any destination? 
Each destination offers a unique experience and there is always so much to cover. I am yet to find a destination that is singularly memorable.


Q: You dream of going to? 
It would be amazing to witness the magical Northern Lights in Norway. I am in awe of Mother Nature, and this is one phenomenon I would like to witness.


Q: Favourite airline and why? 
Singapore Airlines takes the first place, always! From the service to the comfort to the cuisine, everything about the airline is superb.


Q: Best hotel experience and why? 
Alila Diwa, Goa! From the comfort to the luxury, everything about the hotel is superlative. That is one hotel I have stayed at in all my trips to Goa.


Q: A place you plan to visit again? 
Dubai is one city I would like to explore again. Every year, they offer something new and unique that becomes mandatory to explore and experience. I have a new bucket list for my next Dubai trip. 


 Q: A family vacation that stands out? 
There is nothing more gratifying than spending some amazing time with your loved ones. Our recent trip to Goa was simply outstanding. Each time, Goa leaves us with some amazing new memories.


Q: Your best holiday with friends? 
My recent trip to Azerbaijan was the best so far. Fun is where friends are. It was amazing to explore a new culture and enjoy the local night life. The icing on the cake was that we flew on the first direct flight to Azerbaijan.


Q: Great food you enjoyed and where?
Abu Dhabi has some amazing restaurants that are worth trying. No matter where I go, it’s Indian cuisine that I prefer. Abu Dhabi has some excellent restaurants.


Q: What to watch out while travelling?
Follow the simple rules — plan in advance, know more about the place, and have a strong itinerary in place. These tips will help you to save time and enable you to get the most out of your holiday. Also know which local transport is conducive to save travelling time.


Q: As a travel buyer, what’s your philosophy?
Learn from the experience of other travellers, look for convenience and comfort, and lastly, do a thorough research before taking any step. From start to finish, focus should be on experience, rather than just saving cost.


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