Hello Boti!

June 27, 2020



“Boti”, the new travel assistant of Turkish Airlines, is ready for launch, offering features to ease the lives of passengers! 

With the chatbot Boti, users can perform selected ticket management operations and queries, including corresponding as if with a person via text message. Boti will serve as the personal assistant for our passengers at all stages of their trip. 

Through Boti, users can search for flights, find campaigns and special offers, follow flight status, use Boti as the check-in assistant, find baggage information, discover destinations for new travels, and find answers to frequently asked questions. 

In addition, Boti is continuously working on expanding its capabilities.

Boti is ready to communicate through the; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and BiP applications.

We would like to present Boti for your review before our passengers start using it. You can say "Hi" to start chatting and test its capabilities. 

If you encounter an incorrect response or answer, you can let Boti know by typing “#botibug” and explain the error with a few words. 

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