Bringing standalone properties under the Signum brand

July 9, 2020









Mehul Sharma, Founder and CEO, Signum Hotels and Resorts, is pragmatic in his approach and has a team of proficient professionals to back his vision of creating a brand that will accelerate growth across markets in Europe, the US and South Asia.  






Today’s Traveller: How has COVID 19 impacted Signum Hospitality plans for growth? 

Mehul Sharma: COVID-19 has impacted not only Signum but businesses around the globe and the hospitality sector has been one of the most severely impacted sectors along with aviation and tourism. As far as corona impact is concerned some of our projects have been stalled indefinitely. We had plans to open six hotels by April 2020 in the most prime and offbeat destinations across the country which are on hold right now for obvious reasons.

Today’s Traveller: What is your business strategy for revival?

Mehul Sharma: Our first and foremost strategy is survival and then revival. We will continue adding more & more hotels to our portfolio as and when the travel and tourism industry boosts up again. We will surely be taking the market edge and accelerate our growth across markets in Europe, the US and South Asia.


Today’s Traveller: How is Signum Hospitality planning its outreach to stand-alone hotel owners to sign up on management contract PAN India? 

Mehul Sharma: We have a regional head at each city we’re located in and they meet the owners on a weekly basis. There is an interactive meeting where we let these stand-alone hotels know about the value we can create for them in terms of sales, operations and cost-efficiency and make them prosper in that very segment.

Today’s Traveller: What new standards will be implemented to ensure COVID-free offerings to address guest safety?  What kind of financial outlay will be added as a result?

Mehul Sharma: We have already implemented revised procedures and SOPs across our hotels. We have also signed up with multiple international partners to ensure protocols are followed effectively and have been leveraging AI.

As to improve sales we have set up five sales offices across various destinations in India and one office in London as well within a year and a half.


Today’s Traveller: What changes do you anticipate in the hospitality landscape post-COVID?

Mehul Sharma: Post-COVID, hotels are expected to be more flexible with their rescheduling and refund policies. Hotels will adapt to cost-effective and eco-friendly strategies as far as survival goes, using advanced and c-equipment to carry out their day to day cleaning and sanitising as it seems to be one of the most crucial aspect that needs to be carried out to ensure safety and security of our guests.

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