Corporate Jet-Setter - Geetha Arekal

June 27, 2018

Geetha Arekal Head – Mobility Services Siemens Ltd, Mumbai


 Q: Most memorable trip to any destination?

Since I was young, I dreamt of visiting Zurich and the Swiss Alps. The snow-laden streets, trees, houses, the crisp air and the natural surroundings seemed inviting. They provided for an amazing experience. The famous peak of Switzerland was simply breathtaking. The beauty it offered at -24 degree Celsius was unique.

Q: You dream of going to?

I have plenty on my bucket list, but my dream destinations include the Amazon River in South America, and Antarctica.

Q: Favourite airline and why?

Lufthansa, because it is a premium airline, which has good connectivity and warm services.

Q: Best hotel experience and why?

My best hotel experience was with Hilton Hotels at Istanbul. Prior arrival arrangements and the standard of service at all steps make Hilton my ideal choice. Their food and soft services are great. When I landed in Istanbul, they advised me on the weather, where to get help, what I can see and how I can manage, as it was my first visit. They also took care of my personal needs and accommodated my every request. This was done by the GM himself. While checking out, he sat with me to take my feedback. That was great on-the-ground action.


Q: A place you plan to visit again?

Paris. I still can’t get over the first time I went there for holidaying.


Q: A family vacation that stands out?

Dubai. My daughter was influenced into becoming an architect after visiting this city. The country has advanced so much with the use of technology, eco-system and the organised way in which they have transformed a desert into a great city. It is a man-made marvel.

Q: Your best holiday with friends?

At South beach, Florida, because of its splendid scenic views.

Q: Great food you enjoyed and where?

I enjoyed Thai food at Khao Yai, Thailand.

 Q: What to watch out for while travelling?

“When in Rome do as the Romans do“ is my mantra while travelling. I like getting acquainted with the local culture, heritage, handicrafts and cuisine, abiding by the laws and rules of the places to be visited, and adhering to the safety norms prescribed for sports and activities in such places.

Q: As a travel buyer, what’s your philosophy?

My philosophy is to contain costs while organising a trip to a new place every year, which should be a memorable one.

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