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10 best street food in Hyderabad you cannot miss

10 best street food in Hyderabad
Hyderabad – city of Nawabs -10 best street food in Hyderabad

We share the most loved authentic street food in Hyderabad from the famous Haleem to the delicious Qubani-ka-Meetha to try out in the city of Nizams.

Ruled by Rajahs, Mughals, and Nizams, Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana has a royal legacy of great cuisine dating back some 400 years.  Inspired from Turkish, Arabic, ‘Mughlai’ and ‘Tandoori’ styles of cooking, the cuisine of Hyderabad has also amalgamated local ‘Telugu’ and ‘Marathwada’ techniques which make for a delightful culinary experience.


The aroma, taste, and colour of this delicacy is a treat for your nose, mouth, and eyes. Hyderabadi biriyani, served from the kitchens of the Nizam, is a famous food known across the world. The Hyderabadi biriyani is unique on its own with the tint of saffron, crunchiness of the deep-fried onions, and the smokiness of the dum along with the variety of spices like cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, and star anise, marinated meat, and soaked basmati rice.

Biryani- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Biryani- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

Though there are distinct and exclusive hotels for biriyani in the city, the biriyani from the street stall with the tinkling sound of the vessels adds more essence to the joy of eating biriyani. Other than the fine-dining places like Paradise hotel, well-known for its biriyani, the outlets in the streets like hotel Shadab in the Ghazi bazaar and café Bahar in Basheer Bagh are very famous for their Hyderabadi dum biriyani.


Haleem- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Haleem- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

If you visit Hyderabad during the month of Ramzan, you will see people waiting in long lines in front of shops with big banners mentioning ‘Haleem’. Haleem is a mushy thick paste made of wheat, meat, lentils, and spices, slow-cooked for nearly 8 hours. You will see men cooking Haleem in huge pots in the streets of Charminar during Ramzan, filling the streets with the appetizing aroma of the haleem. But these days, haleem is served all around the year, so try this out at any time you visit Hyderabad. There are plenty of special outlets exclusively for haleem in and out of the Charminar market are like the Pista house, hotel Shadab and café 555. 

Irani chai

Irani chai- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Irani chai- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

Whether you taste this at a roadside shop or a bakery or in a star hotel, this chai will taste the same in all places. Irani chai, brought in by the Persians, is as famous as biriyani in Hyderabad. The tea is slowly brewed with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves in a separate container, and the milk is slowly boiled in another and then mixed together. Drink this aromatic tea with the biscuits served along with it and to lighten your heart. Enjoy this drink with the picturesque view of the Charminar from the cafes there like the Nirmah café and bakery. 


Shawarma- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Shawarma- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

This Middle-eastern marvel, with the meat, veggies, and mayo wrapped in the pita bread will make your tummy and heart feel good. Loved by all, shawarma has become a comfort food among many and is available at every corner of the city. The shawarma in your hands filled with the scrumptious meat sliced off from the shawarma stand, chopped and mixed with mayo and veggies, placed on the pita bread, and rolled in a paper, will make you stand drooling. Relish every bite of the shawarma which is available from Rs. 100 to Rs. 120, famous in the streets of Mallepally and Mehdipatnam.  

Hyderabadi Paya

Hyderabadi Paya- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Hyderabadi Paya- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Paya with its roots in the Mughal era is a unique stew recipe made of lamb bone marrow. Known as lamb trotters in English, the lamb leg is boiled in mutton stock with spices like garam masala, turmeric powder, chilli powder, and salt for a long time. You can relish this hot stew during the chilly early mornings. Also, cherish this delicious stew with hot and soft idlis. Maqdoom ke Paya opposite the Mangalhat police station and some other places in the old city like hotel Shadab is the must-try locations to taste the Hyderabadi Paya. 

Ragda chat

Ragda chat- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Ragda chat- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

The Ragda chat is a lip-smacking snack with the smashed samosas hidden below the hot peas stew, garnished with a sprinkle of sev, onions, coriander leaves, tamarind, and mint sauce. This is a twisted south Indian version of the famous chole tikki of North India. Savour this crunchy munchy chat available at all chat shops in the streets of Hyderabad only at the cost of Rs.60. the Ojha sweets and namkeen, Gokul chat in Koti, and Emerald mithai shop in Banjara hills will serve you this yummy ragda chat.  

Tandoori Chai

Tandoori chai- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Tandoori chai- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

This hot drink is a must-try for both chai lovers and also for tandoor lovers. If you like a smokey flavour in any dish, then you will definitely love this tandoori chai. The hot half-boiled chai when poured over the kulhars (cups made of clay), pre-heated in the tandoor stove, sizzles out from the cup and gives it a smoky flavour. Enjoy this drink at the rate of Rs.30 at Meadow Masti in Basheer Bagh and Clubs tandoori chai in Madhapur.

Boti kebab 

Boti Kebab- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Boti Kebab- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

Grilled and filled with smoke flavour, these small chunks of meat marinated with all nice and spice flavours are a must-try when you visit Hyderabad. This Indian version of the middle-eastern delicacy fills the streets with its scrumptious aroma. Try these kebabs with onion and green chutney at the rate of Rs.100- Rs.150. Once again, hotel Shadab in the old city is the best place to try this dish.  


Falooda- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Falooda- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

There’s always a teeny tiny place in our tummy for desserts even after a heartful eating. Try the colourful Faloodas to end your day with something sweet. With its origin in Persia, this cold dessert is a favorite for people from all age groups. Served in a long Falooda glass, with vermicelli, sabja seeds, and ice cream, this chill dessert will fill your heart and day. Take a stop at the Matwale Doodh Ghar and Maqati Falooda shops to relish this dessert amid your heavy shopping in the heart of Hyderabad.   


Qubani-ka-Meetha- 10 best street food in Hyderabad
Qubani-ka-Meetha- 10 best street food in Hyderabad

Served hot with malai and almond or apricot toppings, this sweet delicacy made of dried apricots is a hit in Hyderabad. Qubani-ka-Meetha, translated from Urdu to English means apricot sweet. Apricots, the kings of this dessert, are made into a thick paste with sugar and topped with malai and almonds. Savour your sweet tooth at the rate of Rs. 100. This dessert is quite famous at wedding houses and in the Old city streets. 

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