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Embark On A Journey of Discovery: Goa Beyond Beaches

Goa emerges as a vivid mosaic of history, adventure, and tradition, beckoning visitors to uncover its hidden gems with eyes wide open to wonder and hearts ready to discover.

UNESCO monuments in Moscow

The Moscow City Tourism Committee offers a selection of unique architectural monuments that are worth a visit for visitors from India.

Eternal Bonds: 8 Unique Customs of Beautiful Manipur Wedding

Manipur weddings, a vibrant blend of cultural richness and traditions

Gems of Grace: The Timeless Beauty of 18 ornaments of Traditional Karnataka Jewellery

Traditional Karnataka jewellery is a treasure of prosperity, pride, and identity

Ratan Tata - a humanitarian par excellence is famous for philanthropist projects in India

Ratan Tata stands tall among his peers when it comes to giving back to society.

Ajay Piramal is a messiah of change through the great Piramal Foundation in 25 States

Ajay Piramal’s contribution to education, tribal empowerment and digital democratization has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Bill Gates  - the vanguard of powerful change

The impact of the charity work done by Bill Gates has been profound.

Azim Premji - a philanthropic pioneer with a legacy that goes beyond business success

From education to digital literacy, Azim Premji’s contribution to transforming the country has been immense.

Priyanka Chopra: From World's 100 Most Powerful Women to The Queen of Hope

Priyanka Chopra’s legacy will undoubtedly foster a world where compassion and sustainable living prevail.

Nita Ambani - a brilliant transformational leader

The Reliance Foundation’s impact under the tutelage of Nita Ambani has been remarkable.
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