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A Lasting Love Affair, 10 Years of Jardin d Eden

 In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iconic Jardin d Eden collection, Marcel Wanders studio and Christofle bring their knowledge and craftsmanship together once more, making the luxuriant garden flourish with new, enticing designs.

Jardin d Eden
Jardin d Eden

To begin the Jardin d Eden celebrations, the story of the Garden of Eden is continued with a special Anniversary Capsule Collection of silver-plated accessories inspired by the seven deadly sins and illustrated by an animal. For example, envy is represented by a keyring in the shape of a snake or a money clip engraved with a toad as the embodiment of greed.

Jardin d’Éden Capsule Collection

The story of the Garden of Eden is continued with a seductive collection of silver-plated accessories illustrating the seven deadly sins. As imagined by Dante’s poem, “The Divine Comedy” and the story of Purgatory in particular – describing a place between heaven and hell where souls repenting their sins can redeem themselves – the seven deadly sins are ordered as Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust. Animated as an animal, each of the pieces is embellished with one of the sins, beautifully entwined in the whimsical decoration of the lush garden, featuring a wealth of arabesques and sensual volutes. A welcoming paradise for the peacock, snake, snail, lion, toad, bear, and goat and a pleasure for the eyes and soul…

Jardin d Eden
Jardin d Eden

The special capsule collection compromises two shot glasses, a mirror, honey dipper, key ring, game set of three dice, a pocket ashtray and money clip. For the aficionado’s a special limited collector’s set has been created. Crafted in lambskin embossed with the Jardin d’Éden motif it treasures the entire anniversary collection executed with an exclusive rose gold finish.

Then there is the exceptional Haute Orfèvrerie piece, the Cuckoo Clock – the first Jardin d Eden automaton with Adam and Eve as its special timekeepers. Three fresh flatware finishes with partial gilding of yellow gold, pink gold, and silver as the highlight, complete the feast.

The Cuckoo Clock – a timeless piece

Jardin d Eden
Jardin d Eden

The latest addition to the Haute Orfèvrerie collection and the first Jardin d’Éden automaton is an extraordinary one. A contemporary reinterpretation of an all-time classic. Embracing time and the passing of it while bringing it to life with Adam and Eve as its special timekeepers. Going back to the beginning of time, back to the Garden of Eden where Adam finds himself lingering under the branches of the tree of good and evil, wearing a shirt and jeans. Every hour Eve comes out, all dressed up in a skirt and heels, to seduce Adam in eating an apple. An enticing spectacle taking place under the snake’s watchful eye. A celebration of our sins instead of criticizing them.

Jardin d Eden
Jardin d Eden

Available in a numbered limited edition of eight, the clock is made to stand the test of time. There to remind the times in life worth remembering.

New Festive Finishes

The Jardin d’Éden flatware collection, originally available in total gilding and partial gilding in yellow gold, is enriched with three new dazzling finishes: total gilding in pink gold, partial gilding in pink gold, and a new finish that shows all the know-how and expertise of the Maison – partial gilding that mixes yellow gold, pink gold, and silver.

Like its predecessors, all new designs of Jardin d Eden are dressed in the collection’s signature motif: interlaced leaves, winding fleur-de-lis, and a decorative apple against a geometric matrix. Will you give in to temptation? 

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