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5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World

5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World

Clock towers are landmarks that were designed to stand the test of time – today, they still manage to get a substantial footfall, Here are 5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World

The old, traditional clock towers were built during ancient times, and have seen the world change dramatically. Built for a variety of reasons, from telling time to serving as a safe place – clock towers today serve as a distinct memory of a bygone era. Some of the clock towers featured here are no longer working, but nonetheless, Today’s Traveller will take you down memory lane to view some magnificent structures of extraordinary significance. 

Canada1 5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
Prague1 5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
Switzerland 5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World
5 Most Famous Clock Towers Of The World

    Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and inspired by London’s Big Ben, the Rajabai Clock Tower stands tall at 280ft and is located in the Fort campus, Mumbai University. The construction of this magnificent clock tower began in 1869, was completed in 1878 and is named after the mother of a prosperous stock broker. This iconic landmark is built with a blend of Venetian and Gothic architecture. The tower is now closed for public viewing, but passersby can definitely listen to harmonious tunes at fixed intervals.


    The Elizabeth Tower, better known as the iconic Big Ben, is located at Westminster Palace and is one of the most prominent landmarks in London. Completed in 1858, it is the 3rd largest free-standing clock tower in the world. ‘Big Ben’ is the nickname for the great bell of the clock tower. It is the only clock tower that still tells time. Parts of the tower are slated for renovation during which time the Big Ben will cease to function for four years. 


    A designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this clock tower is Bern’s most iconic landmark of Bern and holds a significant place in the history of science and the universe. This clock tower was built as a watchtower and initially, used as a prison. The Zytglogge’s most impressive feature is its 3,000-pound bronze bell, as also its two main clock faces and a smaller astronomical clock that tells the day of the week, time of day, date, lunar phases and even the current zodiac sign.


    Installed in 1410 and located in the capital of Czech Republic, it is the oldest astronomical clock that is still in operation. The astronomical dial is composed of four moving components and a 24-hour system of telling time and also shows the place of the sun and moon on the ecliptic. Clockmaker Hanuš, perfected the clock on the town hall fascia in 1490. The clock is known for its 12 marching apostles; a skeleton on the right, depicting death, starts the show by pulling on a string.


    The Peace Tower, in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill, is one of Ottawa’s most recognisable structures. Formerly known as the ‘Tower of Victory and Peace,’ this impressive tower is situated in the middle of Ottawa city. The Tower was designed by architect John A. Pearson to stand as an architectural feature and landmark, as well as a commemorative to Canadians who lost their lives during the Great War.

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