ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr in India to Lead a Big Trade Delegation

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr is in India to promote the ACT across a range of sectors including tourism, aviation, education, sustainability, and transport.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr
ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Four days will be spent across Mumbai and Delhi as India is currently the second biggest inbound market for international visitors to Canberra – accounting for 20,000 visitors in the year ending September 2023. India is the strongest international market to rebound from pre-covid levels at 121%.

Accompanied by the Canberra Convention Bureau, meetings in Mumbai will be held with tourism industry partners and Tourism Australia representatives to promote Canberra as a destination to visit and hold conferences and business events. The delegation will also meet with Air India on developing direct flights over the coming years.

India is the ACT’s second-largest international student market. To further promote Canberra as a study destination we are joined by Professor Lucy Johnson, Interim Vice Chancellor of the University of Canberra, senior representatives from UNSW, the Australian National University, the Australian Catholic University and CIT to meet with industry stakeholders including IDP Education – the world’s largest overseas student placement company.

Cricket ACT will join the delegation to promote Canberra in the world’s biggest cricket market.

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