Anand Mahindra – a conscious zealot and a great leader committing to carbon neutrality by 2040

For Anand Mahindra, environment stability and sustainable society will be the twin pillars of business enterprises worldwide.

Anand Mahindra
Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is a well-known figure to the public due to his candid and impactful presence on social media, where he shares his unfiltered thoughts on a wide range of topics. However, those who have a deeper understanding of him attest that Mahindra’s views are rooted in a profound love for his country and a strong dedication to issues that hold significance for its people.

He is undeniably an emblematic figure of home-grown Indian entrepreneurship, and he embraced the concept of entrepreneurship long before freshly minted MBA graduates kick-started the so-called start-up culture in India.

Mahindra Business Empire

Approaching the age of 69, Mahindra stands at the helm of the Mahindra Group, a private conglomerate with diversified business interests spanning numerous sectors, including automobiles, technology, defence, aerospace, and more.

Among millennials and Gen-Z, he is renowned for his contributions to creating rugged off-road SUVs that have captured the hearts of many. Yet, his influence transcends the corporate world.

He is a remarkably creative individual who has generously supported various causes, including the humanities, cinema, and above all, environmental initiatives.

Environmental Philosophy

Mahindra’s philosophy on environmental stewardship can be encapsulated in the acronym ESG, a concept he expounded upon during Mahindra & Mahindra’s 75th General Meeting.

Addressing the virtual gathering, he passionately elaborated on Environmental Social Governance (ESG), a guiding principle aligning his business interests. This ESG principle was born from the lessons learned during the lockdown period.

It illuminated the fragility of human existence and the imperative to safeguard our environment, while also emphasizing the human need for immersive experiences and the fulfilment of long-held desires. Out of these lessons emerged the new ESG mantra, which now shapes all present and future endeavours of the Group.

According to this business magnate, companies worldwide are increasingly evaluated based on their impact on the environment and communities.

Indeed, prominent financiers and venture capitalists insist that businesses must unequivocally demonstrate their social and environmental contributions before receiving funding.

Mahindra Rise

With the ESG mantra in mind, the company has managed to create sustainable, enduring, and meaningful impacts across various sectors of society and the economy. Through initiatives such as the Mahindra Rise program, the company has generated a substantial $4 billion impact, encompassing environmental welfare and community development.

These achievements include committing to carbon neutrality by 2040, transforming all Mahindra factory sites into zero-land-waste-to-landfill certified facilities, attaining water positivity, and actively participating in Project Hariyali, aimed at extensive tree planting. Mahindra envisions that these endeavours will establish the Group as a leader in ESG by its 100th anniversary.

Mahindra is the brain behind the Nanhi Kali program, which has championed high-quality education for over half a million underprivileged girls for the past twenty years. As the Chairman of the Naandi Foundation, one of India’s premier NGOs, he focuses on empowering girls through education, equipping youth with skills, and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for small farmers via biodynamic agriculture. Additionally, Mahindra contributes his expertise to the Founders Board of The Rise Fund, a massive $2 billion initiative dedicated to impactful investments.


In conclusion, the influence of Anand Mahindra on the corporate landscape of India goes beyond traditional metrics like net worth, market valuation, or assets. For someone with a fervent commitment to environmental sustainability, his impact should be measured by the profound effect the Group has had on the lives of people in his home country and worldwide, wherever the Group has left its footprint.

In this regard, he has been incredibly successful, and there are no signs of this conscious capitalist slowing down anytime soon. Judging by his extensive list of commitments, it is evident that he is only getting started.

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