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In conversation with Rajiv Misra, COO, Delhi NCR, Medeor Hospitals, who extols a patient-centric, value-based care model that leverages on a balanced nutritional diet, Yoga and Ayurveda, for a holistic wellness experience 

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Today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Competitive and Ambiguous (VUCA) world has put human health under great stress, from both physical and mental health standpoints. Healthcare institutions across the world are now moving beyond hospital walls and pushing the care forward through holistic health treatments.

This is applicable in chronic care as well as in the rehabilitation phase after acute care. Rajiv Misra, COO, Delhi NCR, Medeor Hospitals, speaks on the motto of the institution, explaining what ‘Beyond Clinical Care’ means from the perspective of Medeor Hospitals, and on the various facets of physical and mental wellness and on the ways in which both can be achieved to experience a state of calm.
Q) What does Beyond Clinical Care mean from a Wellness perspective?
Under the emerging value-based care model, which clearly centres on improving clinical care outcomes, what happens outside of the traditional care setting is becoming more important than ever before. Patient-centred outcome is the cornerstone of today’s benchmark.
At integrated health system Kaiser Permanente, some patients are asked to provide the kind of personal information that’s usually not expected. Patients are asked if they have concerns about their living situation, have trouble accessing food, or have transportation issues preventing them from getting the care they need. The questions, part of an assessment tool called Your Current Life Situation, also address the general level of stress the patient may be experiencing.
In the US, the Healthcare Industry should move towards the concept of ‘bedless hospital,’ a model that focusses on delivering more care in the patients’ homes and less in a hospital setting. The goal for health systems and hospitals should be to keep patients away from hospitals and sustain them in the trajectory towards wellness as opposed to only curing illness. A proactive approach towards amalgamation of traditional therapies like Ayurveda and Yoga can also help us in achieving the best state of health, provided we make it and its benefits reach the masses.
Q) How can individuals create a Mental and Physical Wellness balance in their lives?
Though challenging, maintaining balance between the two is possible – by understanding the basics of body and mind, exercising control over your thoughts and dispensing with a sedentary lifestyle. A stress-free life is rewarding if practised daily. Wake up early morning, take a deep breath and say to yourself – ‘Yes! Today is my day and I am going to do it.’ Explore ways to deal with stress and manage your eating habits as well.
Important tips to maintain your emotional, psychological and social health are by having a balanced diet, regular physical activity and connecting with loved ones. Exercise and sleep will rejuvenate cells and practising Yoga during travel time is both calming and rejuvenating.

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Q) What role does Nutrition play in maintaining optimum Health?
Optimum health translates to ‘Prevention from the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses, keeping your brain and digestion healthy and boosting your immune system’. A nutritional, balanced diet is crucial to achieving optimum health, well-being and a high quality of life; conversely, undernutrition, over nutrition and malnutrition lead to chronic diseases. Good quality protein comprises low fat or skimmed milk, paneer, eggs and lean meat. High-fibre carbs include whole grain cereals like wheat flour with husk, millets, whole pulses, and sprouts. Fruits with peel and vegetables ensure your daily source for vitamins and minerals, while heart-friendly oil can be obtained from unsaturated fats like canola, nuts, olive oil, etc. Moderation is the key, so sugar and salt should be used sparingly. Water regulates body temperature, cushions the spinal cord and is essential for the digestive system, so drink sufficient water to keep hydrated. Yogurt, a probiotic, is essential to maintain healthy gut flora.

A healthy dietary pattern should include a high index of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, legumes, dairy and fish
in a balanced amount, since a nutrient-rich diet provides the body and mind with the energy it requires. Benefits
of nutritional diet on health lead to normal growth and good mental and physical development, immunity boost-up,
chronic disease cure, energy balance, reproductive maintenance, nutritional support and help in recovery from multiple illnesses. Eating in small portions, 6 to 7 times a day, will make you feel lighter, happier and healthier. Excess of everything is detrimental, so it’s best to avoid it.
Q) What are the facilities provided by Medeor Hospital for preventive healthcare?A designated preventive healthcare unit at Medeor Hospital includes all Lab and Diagnostic tests, Consultation with a
specialist and further treatment if necessary. Supported by a specialist and super specialist from all medical disciplines,
the aim is to deliver the highest standard of preventive care. A comprehensive health assessment addresses a wide
range of medical investigations.

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