CGH Earth introduces e-bikes at their Kerala properties

CGH Earth introduces electric bikes at their popular properties in Kerala – Eight Bastion in Fort Kochi, Marari Beach in Mararikulam, and Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom. This move is in line with the group’s commitment to promoting immersive eco-tourism and reducing its carbon footprint. 

Michael Dominic - Managing Director - CGH Earth
Michael Dominic – Managing Director – CGH Earth

Powered by rechargeable batteries, these e-bikes produce zero emissions, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petrol-powered vehicles. E-bikes are also less physically demanding and allow for smoother rides on all kinds of terrains, making them a simpler way to discover their surroundings. Guests will now have the option to truly immerse in the beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, and scenic backwaters on these bikes in a unique and fun way as well as explore more than they would’ve on foot or on regular pedalled bicycles, without worrying about getting tired or contributing to air or sound pollution. 

CGH Earth introduces e-bikes at their Kerala properties
CGH Earth introduces e-bikes at their Kerala properties

According to Michael Dominic, Managing Director of CGH Earth, “Our aim has always been to create experiences that are mindful of the environment and the community. We believe that this initiative will not only reduce carbon emissions but also offer our guests an opportunity to explore the beauty of the local community at a leisurely pace. The e-bikes will also enable us to promote the local economy by encouraging guests to visit nearby attractions and support local businesses.”

E Bikes at CGH Earth CGH Earth introduces e-bikes at their Kerala properties
CGH Earth introduces e-bikes at their Kerala properties

Pioneers of responsible tourism in the country, with this initiative, CGH Earth aims further their best practices for eco-tourism. The brand has recently won the International SKAL Sustainable Tourism Award in Rural Accommodations. 

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