Corporate Jet-Setter: Captain Rajesh Sharma, MD, IFM and Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield

PHOTO 2019 12 27 22 01 30 1 Corporate Jet-Setter: Captain Rajesh Sharma, MD, IFM and Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield

Q: Most memorable trip to any destination?
I personally feel that there is no place like Maasai Mara National Reserve on earth. Probably, I am a bit biased because I am a big-time wildlife enthusiast. However, one must visit and spend a few days in Maasai Mara because that reminds us of our history and re-iterates the message of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Q: You dream of going to?
Serengeti in Tanzania. Being a wildlife enthusiast, I am looking forward to visiting Serengeti and hope to be there at the time of annual migration, which I missed by a few days during my last visit to Maasai Mara.  Q: Favourite airline and why? 
Singapore Airlines, especially when flying to South East Asia and Australia. Their service is excellent and they have convenient timings. Changi Airport, the hub of the airline, is a very convenient transit point. 
Q: Best hotel experience and why?
The Serena beach resort in Mombasa was a fabulous experience for me. The setting was picturesque, the facilities were great, the service was excellent and the cuisine was fabulous.
Q: A place you plan to visit again?
Canada. A truly relaxed trip that included wonderful sights like the Niagara falls, the Thousand Islands and a short trip across the border to attend a family wedding. It was great to drive around in the picturesque country in the month of July, when the weather was excellent throughout the trip.
Q: A family vacation that stands out?
A family vacation in London. The city has so much to offer in terms of history, culture and cuisine. Except for a family holiday, most of my trips to London had tightly packed business schedules with hop, skip and jump affairs. I still have Scotland, the Lake District and Cornwall in the West Country on my bucket list.
Q: Your best holiday with friends?
It was a holiday in Goa with a group of my army batch mates and their families in August 2019. We were close to 150 and some of us met for the first time after our academy days. Goa was the perfect venue with lots to offer in terms of weather, sights, activities and cuisine. Everybody had a gala time.
Q: Great food you enjoyed and where?
I am not that experimental when it comes to food and tend to prefer the Indian cuisine. I have tasted some of the best Indian food in Dubai, which has some of the finest Indian restaurants in the world.
Q: What to watch out while travelling?
Before you travel to a new destination, read a bit about the place which helps you avoid tourist traps, which can often be found in some of the major cities.
Q: As a travel buyer, what’s your philosophy?
I firmly believe that there is no point in penny-pinching when it comes to travel, be it for business or for leisure. Getting a cheap flight with stopovers and inconvenient timings might save a few dollars, but you end up wasting time and being less productive. Best to choose your flights carefully and arrive fresh at your destination to get more out of your trip.

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