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Denmark wins two Oscars in 2021

Denmark wins two Oscars this year: Another Round [Druk] grabbed the award for Best International Feature, while Mikkel EG Nielsen won the Best Editing prize for his work on Sound of Metal.

Denmark wins Oscar with Another Round starring Mads Mikkelsen
Denmark wins Oscar with Another Round starring Mads Mikkelsen

The Danish Oscar winner of the Best International Film at the Academy Award 2021, Another Round, was shot in Copenhagen and its awesome surroundings. 

Many Congratulations to Denmark!

Another Round

About the Movie: ‘Another Round’ in Copenhagen

The Danish Oscar winner of the Best International Film at the Academy Award 2021, Another Round, was shot in Copenhagen and surroundings.

Director - Thomas Vinterberg
Director – Thomas Vinterberg

 • The movie is mostly shot in Gentofte, a municipality rich of scenic nature and located along the Øresund coast, just a few minutes north of Copenhagen

• The Director of the movie, Thomas Vinterberg, lives in Gentofte too

• Some scenes are shot in downtown Copenhagen and in the city district of Frederiksberg

• Another Round is written by Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm • The movie is produced by Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Kasper Dissing • Twenty years ago, Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier also wrote ten rules for filmmaking that would change Danish cinema forever; the Dogma concept • Members of the cast include: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang.

Discover and Experience the Shooting Locations

Here is a “Discover the film locations” guide for the Oscar Winner of the Best International Film Academy Award on April 25th 2021

Gentofte Lake, Copenhagen - Denmark
Gentofte Lake, Copenhagen – Denmark

The Opening Scene: Gentofte Lake, Copenhagen – Denmark

The opening scene, where the students run around the lake playing a drinking game, is shot by Gentofte Lake.

The lake is rich of flora and fauna and is located just a few minutes from Copenhagen’s city center. The lake is one of the cleanest in Denmark and used to supply drinking water to the city of Copenhagen until 1959.

Its surrounding area is open to visitors – take a walk on its gravel paths or rent a boat to explore the lake from the water.

The S-Train & Gentofte Station, Copenhagen – Denmark

When the students go to town to celebrate, they jump on an S-train from Gentofte Station. The S-train is a suburban-urban railway system, connecting Copenhagen to its surroundings, with 84 stations across the entire Capital Region.

The S-train runs every 10 minutes from early morning to the evening, and runs all night on Friday and Saturday. It’s possible to carry your bike on the Strain for free, and to head outside the city for bike rides along the coast or through the forests and villages. All the trips on the S-train are for free with Copenhagen’s city pass, the Copenhagen Card.

The 40th Birthday Dinner -Hotel & Restaurant Fortunen – Denmark

The charming restaurant in the nature, where the main characters meet for a 40th birthday dinner, is Hotel and Restaurant Fortunen, right by the Deers’ park, a unique UNESCO World Heritage hunting landscape.

The Hotel’s location is beautiful, surrounded by the nature of the King’s former hunting park.

Dyrehaven, which literally means “the deer park”, is a nature resort filled with lush forests, small lakes and wide, open landscapes. As the name might reveal, Dyrehaven is renowned for the more than 2000 free range deer that inhabit the park, and you’ll surely come across a herd of grazing deer on your way through.

 All year, the park is well-visited by people, who turn to its green hills for picnics, jogging, biking, and horseback riding. You can even take a tour of the lands in a majestic horse carriage if you want or rent a bike at the café right by Klampenborg Station to explore the forests and the seaside.

Besides the beautiful landscape, Dyrehaven also has a significant history that dates back hundreds of years. In 2015, Dyrehaven was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the par force landscape that was once used for hunting by the Danish royalty.

The park was actually designed for hunting with hounds, which is why the roads are linked in star-shaped trail systems that made it easier for the hunters to keep track of the dogs.

While you’re strolling around the park, make sure to pass by The Hermitage, the King’s stunning hunting lodge in the heart of the park.

So, if a break from the city life is what you are craving, Dyrehaven is only a 20-minute train ride from  Copenhagen’s city centre.

Harbour Scenes - Denmark
Harbour Scenes – Denmark

The Harbour Scenes: Skovshoved Havn – Denmark

“Fresh cod! Fresh cod!” After one of the drinking experiments, the gang runs out of luck when trying to find fresh cod at the supermarket. The solution is to head for one of the harbours in Gentofte’s municipality, Skovshoved Harbour, where things don’t go exactly as expected.

Skovshoved Harbour is located by the Øresund strait with and offers wonderful biking and walking paths along the sea, connecting Copenhagen with Hamlet’s old hometown Elsinore.

From Copenhagen, rent a bike and go for a ride on what’s probably the widest cycling path in the Region, including an extra path for roller skaters and joggers.

Parforce Gribskov Cycle Route 105
Parforce Gribskov Cycle Route 105

Along the coast you will also find luxurious SPA hotels, such as Skovshoved Hotel and Beach Hotel Marienlyst, architectural icons such as the gas station designed by Arne Jacobsen in Skovshoved, and state of the art museums, such as Karen Blixen’s museum in Rungsted and Louisiana Museum of Modern art in Humblebæk.

Explore the charming villages along the sea, and end your trip in the charming Elsinore, where you will find the UNESCO site Kronborg Castle, also known as Hamlet’s castle. This is where Hamlet’s story took place, and it’s possible to experience it through the “On Hamlet’s footsteps” guided tour or at the Hamlet Festival, taking place every year.

Alléenberg Bodega in Frederiksberg - Denmark
Alléenberg Bodega in Frederiksberg – Denmark

 The Bar Scene: Alléenberg Bodega in Frederiksberg – Denmark

As part of the final experiment, the group goes to a classic bar, Alléenberg on Frederiksberg. This scene depicts the atmosphere of a typical Danish hangout: the bodegas.- a musty and hazy, lowkey and friendly, dim and relaxing hygge-filled place to drink.

Bodegas used to be a hangout for the older generation. Smoking is still allowed indoors, curtains keep the privacy of the guests, and Danish classics are played, as the guests order classic Danish beers, such as Carlsberg and Tuborg.

At Alléenberg, the interior still stands, as when Mrs. Ingeborg Johannesen decorated it back in 1924 – even the old piano is still diligently used by the pub’s guests when singing common songs in the wee hours.

The furniture might be a bit worn and the premises in the need of some refreshing, but Alléenberg by Frederiksberg Have in Copenhagen is still a pub with a certain style, and the old building has been a haunt for both known and unknown regulars for decades.

Here, young people on their way home from parties, old locals, and musicians and actors – both the yet unknown, the famous and the retired ones – love to lay the road past.

The regulars have nicknamed the place “The Psychopath”, but it is said with a LOT of love, as Alléenberg already won the hearts of the Copenhageners ages ago!

Lumskebugten in Copenhagen - Denmark
Lumskebugten in Copenhagen – Denmark

The Restaurant by the Harbour: Lumskebugten in Copenhagen – Denmark

The beginning of the final scene takes place in a classic of Danish gastronomy, the restaurant Lumskebugten in Copenhagen, located by Copenhagen’s Citadel, Kastellet, Gefion’s fountain and Copenhagen Harbour.

A historic – yet modern – restaurant with some of the best smørrebrød and other traditional Danish dishes in all of Copenhagen.

 In these classic and beautiful premises home to the restaurant Lumskebugten for more than 160 years you’ll find some interesting contrasts with traditional Danish dishes and smørrebrød – and a vegetable-loving chef who was on the forefront with food trends long before anyone thought of the New Nordic cuisine manifesto.

The living legend, chef Erwin Lauterbach is admired and respected among Denmark’s top chefs for his visionary approach to cooking and not least his accomplishment of bringing local vegetables in season in to Copenhagen’s gourmet kitchens back in the 80’s when classic French cuisine used to rule supreme in the city’s finest restaurants.

Lauterbach’s approach was long before anyone thought of any New Nordic Gastronomy manifesto which builds on some of the same principles and helped pave the way for noma and other Nordic gastronomy temples that Copenhagen is now famous all around the globe.

Visit Lumskebugten for lunch or dinner and soak up the historic ambiance in the most majestic part of the harbour, and taste for yourself what makes Lumskebugten an ever-relevant classic on the constantly evolving scene of quality restaurants in Copenhagen.

The Final Scene by Copenhagen Harbour: Nordre Toldbod – Denmark

The final scene of Druk takes place in Nordre Toldbod, a waterfront area covered in cobblestones, not far from the Little Mermaid and the Citadel.

A former custom house, Nordre Toldbod is home to the Royal Pavilions, where the Danish royal family usually wait for their shuttle to the royal yacht Dannebrog.

Travellers and locals can also get on board from here – not on the royal yacht, but on the new electrical ferries connecting Copenhagen harbour, and visit Refshaleøen, the upcoming food district which is visible on the background during the final scene.

An upcoming experience right in Nordre Toldbod is Toldboden Seaside, a restaurant which is going to host 7 different chefs and kitchens, mixing a restaurant and a street-food experience, opening in summer 2021.

Plot spoiler: in the final scene, Mads Mikkelsen jumps into Copenhagen Harbour. While it is not allowed to swim in that exact spot, it’s worth noting that Copenhagen was named the best swimming city in the World by CNN in 2019.

Copenhagen Harbour is in fact clean, and features bathing areas, winter dipping areas, saunas and swimming zones which are open to everyone.

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