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Discover the magic of Outback Festival in Ladakh: A Journey Beyond – September 2023 edition

Outback Festival: Imagine a world where adventure knows no bounds, where music resonates with the beating heart of the mountains, and where the spirit of community is ignited by the fiery hues of a setting sun.

Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

This annual festival, a fusion of “Adventure, Music, the Outdoors, and Community,” beckons travellers to an otherworldly experience at an astonishing elevation of 11,500 feet above sea level.

Recognized as the World’s Highest Motorable Adventure and Music festival, it is a celebration of a community gathering at the scenic Chulli Bagh in Stok, Ladakh.

Outback Festival
Outback Festival

While the 2023 edition of the Outback Festival prepares itself for September 16th and 17th, 2023, and the excitement intensifies, let’s take you back to September 2022, Leh, when Ladakh transformed into a traveller’s paradise as the Outback Festival unfolded against the backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes.

Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

For the adventurer’s soul, the festival was a playground of possibilities. The Stunt Arena showcased daredevils defying gravity, leaving spectators spellbound by their daring feats.

However, it wasn’t just about heart-stopping stunts. Picture this: three distinct music stages pulsating with energy, resonating with captivating music and performances that painted the very air with electric vibes.

Outback Festival
Outback Festival

Yet, the Outback Festival offered more than a sensory spectacle. It opened the doors to the Outback Story Room, where the pages of adventure tales were flipped open by fearless explorers and experts. Here, the speakers connected with the audience and shared their expert knowledge about the power of travel and the outdoors. Snake man of India, 

Capt. Suresh Sharma shared fun and exciting survival tactics of the outdoors, Dr.Maral Yazarloo a world traveller on her motorcycle shared her fearless stories and many such interactive sessions with friends of the outback were enjoyed by the festival attendees.

Outback Festival
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

The music scene was a vibrant fusion. Local children- Dune Kids kick-started the festival. Parikrama Girish and the Chronicles unleashed raw energy, setting the stage ablaze. Singer-songwriters Raghav Meattle, Salman Elahi, and Wumbaya evoked emotions with soulful melodies. Rising Malang’s Sufi vocals transported listeners to ethereal realms. The infectious rhythms of Bass Foundation Roots featuring Delhi Sultanate became the heartbeat of the festival.

The 2023 Edition:

As we look to September 16th and 17th, 2023, the excitement intensifies.

A symphony of experiences awaits travellers: ascend to the skies on a Hot Air balloon ride, witness BMX stunting and B-Boying performances that defy gravity, and bond over stories and delicacies at community grill stations.

Adventure enthusiasts, whether they be a biker, overlanders, hikers or outdoor explorers.. will assemble in Stok from across the country to share and exchange their stories.

Outback Festival
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

The festival isn’t just about the present; it’s about connecting with the region’s rich heritage. The Heritage EV ride invites travellers to explore Stok, a place where history whispers through the winds. Stok Museum, Monastery, and Stok Palace are a few of the must-see places. Festival attendees will get an opportunity to travel in an eco-friendly manner, embracing the traditions and tales that make Stok what it is.

Outback Festival
Outback Festival

Speaking of traditions, the local food and cultural experiences are a journey in themselves. Try your hand at local Ladakhi archery, interact with the local craftswomen from Stok, and start your day with the local chai.

This edition of the Outback Festival has an exciting Artist line-up. It includes Quino from Big Mountain, Taba Chake, Naalayak, Suzonn, Rahgir, Punit Singh, Antariksh & BFR Sound System featuring Delhi Sultanate, Begum X, Ras Man Man.

Moreover, story sessions by friends of Outback – Amit Sadh, an actor known for his brilliant acting performances and Gaurav Gill, a world-renowned rally driver, and Arjun award winner will provide insights and inspiration, enriching the experience for all.

Outback Festival
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

Camp under the beautiful skies of this Himalayan beauty. Outback Nation provides a community for all like-minded adventure enthusiasts. Bring your own tent, pitch it at the festival venue, unplugged sessions and midnight feasts with fellow campers around a warm bonfire! Starting point of conversations and stories that will be relived and etched in memories for years to come.

In Essence:

As the eagerly awaited dates of September 16-17, 2023 draw near, the Outback Festival extends a compelling invitation to all adventurers. It beckons travellers to immerse themselves in an unparalleled blend of adventure, music, and the warmth of a united community.

Outback Festival
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

This festival isn’t just an event; it’s a transformative journey that allows you to experience the breathtaking landscapes of  Ladakh in a way that redefines the very essence of travel. It’s a chance to craft stories that transcend time and to forge everlasting bonds with kindred spirits who share your passion for exploration.

Outback Festival
Discover the magic of Outback Festival: A Journey Beyond

About the Venue Stok , Ladakh

The festival is set in the beautiful valley of Stok, a village in the Leh district of Ladakh, India 

The beautiful village is home to the 14th century Stok Monastery, with its 71 feet (22 m) high seated Gautama Buddha statue

Located around 15km from Leh, the Stok Palace is the summer home to the royal family of Ladakh and descendants of King Sengge Namgyal. It was established in 1820 by King Tsepal Namgyal and was opened to the public in 1980 by the Dalai Lama. 

The Stok Palace has been converted into a heritage hotel and houses the Stok Palace Museum and Temple. The rustic interiors of the hotel emit royal antique decor alongside some quirkily decorated rooms as well. Besides, the Stok Palace is a well-preserved traditional piece of the Buddhist culture too. 

Locals from the village are very hospitable, and welcoming and have opened their homes to the outbackers. Set amidst apricot, walnut and willow tree gardens around the Stok Palace is the beautiful Chulli Bagh. Festival attendees will enjoy apricot blossoms mesmerising autumn colours a relaxed setting with a wood fire under a star-studded sky and Musical vibes at the Outback Festival.

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