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Try out 5 great dishes by Sashi Chelia in MasterChef Australia

One of Australia’s best amateur chefs and season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah is back with his relishing fusion dishes in the MasterChef Australia kitchen for Fans Vs Favourite. 

Australias best amateur chefs and season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah Try out 5 great dishes by Sashi Chelia in MasterChef Australia
Australia’s best amateur chefs and season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah 

Sashi Chelia has won many hearts over the years with his fusion techniques and authentic roots. Known for preparing delicious dishes like fish curry with cumin rice, sambal prawn with crispy prawn heads and herb salad and Malaysian pineapple tart with lime ice cream, he brought an Indian flair to his dishes and became one of the most beloved contestants. 

After winning the popular culinary show title, Sashi Chelia launched a pop-up restaurant, Gaja by Sashi in Melbourne and Adelaide, serving Singaporean and Indian cuisines

If you are a fan of his cooking style and sumptuous dishes,  let’s take a look at the mouth-watering and tempting delicacies he has made so far in season 14: 

Crab And Turmeric Broth, Pickled Papaya And Kohlrabi, Grilled Maryland

 A Sashi Cheliah  favourite
A Sashi Cheliah  favourite

As delicious as it looks, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Dipped in buttery chicken stock with poached crab meat reduced in turmeric broth, and topped with Pickled Papaya And Kohlrabi, this dish is something anyone one can try in their respective kitchens with the most basic ingredients. 

Fish sandwich with chilli jam, pickled shallots with coconut rice 

 A Sashi Cheliah  favourite
A Sashi Cheliah  favourite

This dish is a flavour fest in itself. Re-creating a thousand-year-old recipe, Sashi made a flavouring spicy fish sandwich, deep-fried in onion flavoured oil with chilli jam, reduced to perfection and a bowl of coconut rice that will tingle your taste buds. As mouth-watering as it looks, it will taste even better once you try it. 

Pork and Apple red curry with Parsnip chips 

 A Sashi Cheliah  favourite
A Sashi Cheliah  favourite

Feast your eyes and taste buds with one of the most gorgeous looking dishes by Sashi. Combining delicious flavours of sweet, sour and spice, this Pork and Apple red curry surely call for a taste blast. This is a slow cook with pork cooked in apple and aromatic spices. 

Chicken curry with roti 

 A Sashi Cheliah  favourite
A Sashi Cheliah  favourite

Bringing in his desi swag, Sashi’s chicken curry with roti transports us back to our mothers’ kitchens. With aromatic flavours of hot Indian spices and tangy tomato, Sashi prepared a quick chicken curry differently from our staple and basic tandoori rotis. So, get your aprons and try this dish out now.  

Eggplant curry with cumin rice

 A Sashi Cheliah  favourite
A Sashi Cheliah  favourite

Giving a luxurious upgrade to something as basic as an eggplant, Sashi Chelia whipped a delectable Kathirikai, a spicy and crispy eggplant curry from Tamil Nadu.

A bestseller at his restaurant, the dish was served with cumin rice and coriander chutney before the judges. Judge Andy Allen called it perfectly balanced for its “massive punches thrown in from individual garnishings”.

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