Employee Care initiatives at ITC Hotels

How companies care for their employees during difficult times such as the current COVID-19 will be remembered not just by those working in the company but in all other companies in the workspace. It is a watershed moment in the history of a company.

Therefore, it is wonderful to see how ITC Hotels are stepping forward to motivate and initiate caring measures for their employees. These steps ensure engagement, productivity and loyalty.  

Some of these initiatives include proactive attention to employee financial needs, sustained engagement to enquire about the well-being of each employee and their families and extend support accordingly. Measures include COVID advisories and enhanced communication to ensure holistic care. ITC Hotels has also rolled out e-learning courses to upskill and anchored several virtual classroom sessions for skill development. 
“ITC’s philosophy of  ‘Nation First: Sab Saath Badhein’ underlines its core belief in building a globally competitive and profitable Indian enterprise that makes an exemplary contribution to creating larger societal value. As a company deeply rooted in Indian soil, ITC is inspired by the opportunity to serve larger national priorities. At ITC Hotels, we are extremely proud of our associates who are at the frontline of operations at various properties during the COVID-19 crisis. Be it through our food distribution initiative or providing guest services at this hour, they display extraordinary zeal and commitment. Our highly motivated associates, working from home continue to share great ideas for the way forward. Their strong dedication and support have been truly exemplary and for us, their safety and the well being of their families is of prime importance. ITC Hotel’s ‘People First’ is dedicated to this incredible workforce,” shares Anil Chadha, COO – ITC Hotels.

Adding to this unique template of consistent employee engagement and well being, ITC Hotels keeps its employees abreast of the latest technological developments and updates their staff from senior professionals to management trainees.

“People First is a way of life at ITC Hotels. The well being of our human capital is of prime importance to us. Together, they add up to a phenomenal number of ‘experience years’ which is such a significant asset for the organisation. COVID-19 presents a challenge at the time of lockdown. However, we have taken a multitude of initiatives to ensure they ride smoothly over the tough times. Training, Learning and good mental health are some of our focus areas at this hour. We are in this together,” reiterates Sanjay Bose, EVP & Head HR, ITC Ltd – Hotels Division

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