Extension for Public Feedback on Draft Goa Tourism Management Bill 2024 to benefit Goa

The draft of the Goa Tourism Promotion and Management Bill, 2024 is open to public objections and suggestions.

Extension for Public Feedback on Draft Goa Tourism Management Bill Hon'ble Tourism Minister, Rohan A. Khaunte:
Hon’ble Tourism Minister, Shri Rohan A. Khaunte: Extension for Public Feedback on Draft Goa Tourism Management Bill

Hon’ble Tourism Minister, Shri Rohan A. Khaunte and MLA announced that the deadline, initially set for July 6, has been extended by 15 days.

Rohan Khaunte stated that the bill aims to give a new dimension to tourism in the state and to take action against illegal activities. He expressed confidence that the bill would also be beneficial for job creation and boosting the economy.

He emphasized that the bill would strengthen the tourism industry in the state. He mentioned that the bill was introduced after taking into confidence all stakeholders. In the next 10 days, presentations will be made to ministers, legislators and all stakeholders of the industry to provide clarity on the bill.

In the competitive tourism era, Goans need to sustain their businesses. This bill will be beneficial for that purpose. He mentioned that 27 different committees have been appointed for the development of tourism clusters, and revenue will be allocated accordingly.

He informed that the bill was prepared through a study by the concerned agency over the past year and a half.

Tourism has transformed over the past 40-45 years. In such times, changes in the old laws become necessary. This bill was prepared after consultations with TTAG, stakeholders, police, other departments and experts over 33 meetings. Since the draft of the bill is open for suggestions, everyone’s cooperation is essential. Another 15-day extension has been given for more suggestions and useful inputs from the public. 

The claim that a 2% sustainability fee will be levied is baseless; it is a tax of up to 2%, and it will be limited only to the relevant clusters once they are created. Therefore, making an issue about it is unnecessary, Khaunte alleged. He stated that the bill would help prevent revenue leakage in the department.

Rohan Khaunte also appealed that the government is working for the benefit of Goa and Goans, and it would be more appropriate for everyone to work constructively.

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