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Favourite Summer Cooler: Anil Kumar, Mixologist, Holiday Inn Chandigarh Zirakpur

Summer Cooler: Tasty, Fresh, Juicy, and Refreshing! Take your pick from – sodas, shakes, sherbets, nutritional drinks!

These coolers, smoothies, mocktails, and more are the perfect antidotes to shake up the summer.

Today’s Traveller welcomes Anil Kumar, Mixologist, Holiday Inn Chandigarh Zirakpur to join us in beating the heat by sharing his favourite Summer Coolers.

IMG 20210630 142625 Bokeh edited scaled Favourite Summer Cooler: Anil Kumar, Mixologist, Holiday Inn Chandigarh Zirakpur
Anil Kumar, Mixologist, Holiday Inn Chandigarh Zirakpur

Cucumber Collins

Summer Cooler
Favourite Summer Cooler : Cucumber Collins


  • Fresh cucumber
  • Lemon juice
  • Elder flower syrup
  • Tabasco
  • Tonic water


  1. In a shaker add fresh cucumber and muddle. Then add fresh lemon juice to it.
  2. Add 15ml of Elder flower syrup and Ice to the shaker and shake it well.
  3. Strain into a tall glass filled with fresh ice and cucumber ribbons.
  4. Put dash of Tabasco and garnish with cucumber.

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