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Want to stay in a unique wine barrel hotel or in a Mountain village? Go, visit Portugal

Here are some of the best experiences and sceneries, to help travellers discover the beautiful destination of Portugal

Tour the Douro Valley
Cruise up the river from Porto to the Douro Valley where wine isn’t a way of life, it is life. Once there, the best way to get around is with a guide like Portugal Green Walks.

As you walk or cycle through the terraced vineyards and tiny villages, you’ll learn why the Douro became the world’s first demarcated wine region. Did you know your clients can sleep in a wine barrel hotel?

Mountain Villages
All of them seem too tiny in the infinity of a globalised world, but they are full of genuine people. The natural setting is absolutely beautiful. Serra da Estrela is truly overwhelming, perfect, unique, a place of silence. The Mountain Villages are located at the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela and 2 hours drive from Porto and 3 hours away from Lisbon.

This village network covers a geographical area of approximately 100 km, including 14 walking routes and 4 mountain bike trails. Wonderful itineraries ideas to experience.

Biking your way through Portugal
Exploring Portugal by bike is a unique experience. You can take it at your own pace, sensing the aromas and sounds that might otherwise pass unnoticed.

Whether you choose the sea at your side, to go up and down mountains, or to meander through the towns and villages, the options are endless! Just get pedalling!

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