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Harkaran Singh: Our team has made Aurika Mumbai Skycity No.1 on Trip Advisor in Mumbai

In an exclusive interview with Kamal Gill, Exec Editor, Today’s Traveller, Harkaran Singh, General Manager, Aurika Mumbai Skycity, speaks at length on the unique features and positioning of the brand as a new entrant in the city of Mumbai.

Harkaran Singh, General Manager, Aurika Mumbai Skycity
Harkaran Singh, General Manager, Aurika Mumbai Skycity

TT bureau: Can you share some insights into the unique features and offerings that set Aurika Hotels, Mumbai apart in the hospitality industry, especially given its status as a new entrant in the market?

Harkaran Singh: Aurika Mumbai SkycityLuxury by Lemon Tree Hotels is positioned as an upper upscale hotel located conveniently opposite the Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2.

The hotel offers a glimpse into the city’s past with its mid-century modern style, with interiors that are carefully designed to take you back to the 1940s and 50s, showcasing the charm and character of that vintage era. The hotel’s soul lies in its dedication to art, paying homage to the iconic buildings of old Mumbai and the golden era of the film industry.

While the hotel maintains an international and universal feel in its spaces, it also incorporates subtle luxury and a distinct Mumbai flavour. The design seamlessly blends elements from different cultures, creating an ambience that is both inviting and captivating. Embodying the essence of our brand, we believe in going ‘beyond the unusual’, and our elegant design with a distinct Mumbai flavour, unexpected experiences, innovative technology and seamless delivery ensure that our guests can work, play and relax effortlessly.

The hotel features Mirasa – the all-day dining restaurant, Ariva – the bar, a Tea Lounge, a speciality restaurant and extensive banquet facilities, including the ballroom and multiple boardrooms.

The 669 aesthetically designed rooms and suites at Aurika Mumbai Skycityare elegantly furnished and feature top-of-the-line facilities and amenities.

Recreational facilities include Araya – the spa and salon, a well-equipped fitness centre and an inviting swimming pool with a pool bar, Steam rooms and a tranquil relaxation area.

Aurika Mumbai Skycity
Aurika Mumbai Skycity

TT Bureau: Managing the largest hotel inventory in India with 669 rooms and substantial convention space is no small feat. How does Aurika Hotels ensure a seamless and exceptional guest experience while maintaining such scale?

Harkaran Singh: The credit for this goes to the super awesome team at Aurika Mumbai Skycity.

The hotel since its opening has been bestowed with great occupancies and is appropriately positioned amongst the preferred hotels for high-end social events and conferences in Mumbai.

Our guests are the biggest testimony for the CARE and personalisation by our team which has made Aurika Mumbai Skycity No.1 on Trip Advisor in no time amongst 1400 + hotels in Mumbai.

Re-imagining operations based on constant feedback is the key to being amongst the preferred hotels, I would say and again credit for this only goes to every team member at Aurika.

TT Bureau: Considering your extensive hotel inventory in India and significant convention space, what challenges does the marketplace present?

Harkaran Singh: Mumbai being a dense market, I would say there is business for all. We just need to ensure we do not undercut each other. I guess the biggest challenge currently for all of us is the workforce. Finding talent is difficult however retention of talent is more challenging with multiple job opportunities opening up for associates with business being back to normal. These challenges will remain and rather become even more relevant with new inventory opening up in the times ahead.

TT Bureau: How does Aurika Hotels, Mumbai approach sustainability and environmental responsibility?

Harkaran Singh: Aurika, Mumbai Skycity is committed to the ESG standards established by Lemon Tree Hotels.

The hotel employs eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient systems, water conservation & recycling, renewable energy with the use of Solar power, EV Charging zones, a Water bottling plant for guestrooms reducing plastic bottle consumption, waste management programs such as a Biogas plant and Compositing plant at the hotel and the use of sustainable materials wherever possible.

All these measures contribute to the hotel’s green building certification by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

This commitment to sustainability aims to minimize the hotel’s impact on the environment and contribute to the well-being of the surrounding community.

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