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Visit scenic Jizera Mountain Beechwood – a 27 -sqm UNESCO World Heritage destination

The national natural reserve of the Jizera Mountain Beechwood covers an area of about 27 square kilometres and is located on the northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains.

Its unique nature is evidenced by its inclusion on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage list. The beechwood has thus become the first natural reserve in the Czech Republic to be included on the list.

Jizera Mountain Beechwood
Jizera Mountain Beechwood

“The inclusion among the UNESCO heritage sites is an absolutely unique award for us as well as a great honour. Our beechwood now finds itself among a number of other unique reserves and monuments, such as the Grand Canyon Natural Park in Arizona, the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This brings with it many opportunities, but above all else compels us to treat nature in a responsible way and with all the necessary respect,” points out Denisa Merenusová, director of Jizerky Tourist Region.

The factor which makes the Jizera Mountain Beechwod unique is its state of preservation. All activities will therefore be planned with maximum regard for the protection of the natural heritage and the prevention of mass tourism in the mountains. For a long time, the region has called for adhering to the principles of correct behaviour in nature. In the past, it created its own “10 Rules on How to Behave in Nature” and now presents the list in the form of printed materials as well as on its website.

Jizera Mountain Beechwood
Jizera Mountain Beechwood

“Although we believe that the majority of tourists treat nature with the necessary degree of responsibility, we see no harm in reminding everyone about the basic rules of conduct and pointing out that the protection of nature is our number one priority,” Denisa Merenusová adds.

For the autumn of this year, the Jizerky Tourist Region is preparing a campaign connected with the presentation of the Jizera Mountain Beechwood. Although the name of the natural reserve suggests that it is an area full of beech trees, the character of the area is not formed by the trees alone. The beechwood also includes rocky outcrops of various shapes, unique rocky lookout points and astonishing waterfalls on rivers. 

Due to its sloping terrain, it is mostly accessible only by foot (with the exception of Viničná cesta). The magic of the Jizera Mountain Beechwood lies in its calm harmony, natural wisdom, and beauty at every time of the year. 

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