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Mandeep Singh Lamba: HOPE 2024 will have a lasting and transformative impact

In an exclusive interview with Kamal Gill, Exec Editor, Today’s Traveller, Mandeep Singh Lamba, President (South Asia) HVS Anarock, speaks at length on the Hope 2024 event focusing on insights from global leadership.

Mandeep Singh Lamba, President (South Asia) HVS Anarock
Mandeep Singh Lamba, President (South Asia) HVS Anarock

TT Bureau: HOPE 2024 reverberates well with the times. How do you plan to optimize the insights shared by the global leadership attending this high-profile event?

Mandeep Singh Lamba: Indeed, HVS ANAROCK HOPE 2024 is perfectly aligned with the current trends. We are meticulously planning a series of engaging formats – from insightful one-on-one conversations and panel discussions to impactful keynote speeches and detailed presentations. These sessions are designed not only to dissect and understand the evolving trends within the travel and hospitality industries but also to provide participants with practical strategies and insights.

This will enable them to tailor their business strategies effectively for 2024. Additionally, the event is designed to provide unmatched networking opportunities to cultivate lasting professional relationships and collaborative ventures, thereby ensuring that the knowledge and connections gained at HOPE 2024 have a lasting and transformative impact.

TT Bureau: With over 80 eminent speakers, could you highlight some key topics or themes that will be explored during the event, especially those that focus on India’s role in the global hospitality and travel sectors?

Mandeep Singh Lamba: HOPE 2024 is set to be a transformative event, building on its past success with a lineup of renowned experts spanning globally renowned strategic advisors, architects, tech innovators, start-up gurus, as well as environmentalists, travel writers, authors, poets, and more, all ready to inspire and ignite meaningful discussions.

The conference aims to foster discussions on India’s global tourism impact, consumer trends, and sustainability, among other pivotal topics. Highlights include a panel on future growth projections and insights into travel trends by Google, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of hospitality and travel’s innovative and sustainable future.

TT Bureau: HOPE 2024 aims to celebrate success through personal storytelling sessions from entrepreneurs. Could you share a sneak peek into some of the entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories that attendees can look forward to during the event?

Cidade de Goa
Cidade de Goa

Mandeep Singh Lamba: Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind India’s growth, and at HOPE, we celebrate this spirit of entrepreneurship with a special session, “Now It Can be Told: Stories that Inspire!” dedicated to their journeys.

Among this year’s highlights is the conversation between Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Vir Sanghvi, offering a deep dive into Kapoor’s journey.

These sessions are designed to inspire and provide valuable learnings from those who have made significant impacts in their fields. ​

TT Bureau: In the context of the broader hospitality and travel industry, what do you believe are the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing businesses today?

Mandeep Singh Lamba: The Indian Hospitality and Travel sector is on the brink of significant growth, propelled by niche tourism segments such as religious, wellness, sports tourism, and MICE.

With India aiming to host prominent international events like the upcoming 2029 World Athletics Championships, the 2030 Youth Olympics, and the pinnacle of global sports, the Summer Olympics in 2036, the spotlight on sports tourism and MICE is intensifying. The development of world-class venues like Yashobhoomi, Bharat Mandapam and Jio World Convention Centre is set to bolster India’s position in the global MICE market.

Nonetheless, the journey ahead demands careful navigation of challenges such as infrastructure enhancement, event management sophistication, security measures, and environmental conservation. Additionally, the hospitality sector faces a critical hurdle in talent acquisition and retention, and companies must proactively implement strategies aimed at nurturing and developing their workforce. This includes creating conducive work environments, offering continuous learning opportunities, and competitive compensation packages.

TT Bureau: Lastly, as President & CEO of HVS ANAROCK, can you share key takeaways that attendees can expect to gain from attending HOPE 2024, which will help them navigate and thrive in the evolving landscape of hospitality and travel?

Mandeep Singh Lamba: HOPE 2024 will offer delegates a unique platform to learn from and interact with the who’s who of the global and Indian hospitality, travel, private equity, banking, real estate, and retail sectors. They can gain unparalleled insights into the future of hospitality and travel, with actionable strategies for growth and innovation, while exploring new trends, and learning from the success stories of pioneering entrepreneurs.

This experience will equip participants with the knowledge and connections to navigate and excel in the evolving landscape of the hospitality sector.

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