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Jiva Spa, in Taj Palace, New Delhi, is an exemplary contemporary Indian luxury spa experience that combines timeless wellness concepts with modern therapeutic wisdom

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Accommodations can make all the difference in your choice of the perfect getaway and choosing the ideal hotel can substantially change what you take away from each journey. Taj Palace, New Delhi, spread over six acres of lush gardens in the Capital’s tony Diplomatic Enclave, is an exemplar of a destination that has long been coveted by celebrities, heads of state and corporates for its timeless elegance, unmatched hospitality and a slew of acclaimed culinary and wellness experiences.

The hotel’s pièce de résistance is the Jiva Spa – the nomenclature itself references a regimen that is one with the infinite. Spread over 13,000sq.ft, Jiva Spa showcases many treatment rooms, a Yoga studio, vitality pools, a well-appointed fitness centre and a salon, all of which dispense wellness that is rooted in Indian healing traditions and offer the luxury and comforts of a modern spa experience.

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Today, the perception of a spa has shifted from that of an exclusive, luxury experience to a wellness-oriented experience in order to facilitate a healthier, more vibrant life for guests. Jiva Spa takes the health and wellness trend to another level by unfolding a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one’s life force. Jiva’s carefully recreated treatments draw from the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality.

A dedicated team of experts administer the spa experiences and rituals in single spa suites, a couple spa suite, a relaxation area, Yoga studio, extensive wet areas, a halo-therapy room, a unisex salon and a gymnasium. Jiva’s design fundamental follows the Vastushastra, that is commensurate with harmony, balance of energy and organic finishes.
The spa therapy area is spread over 3,600 sq.ft, including five therapy rooms and a relaxation lounge with heated loungers. The spa treatments comprise products made from aromatherapy oils and special ingredients, native to India. The 100% natural range of JIVA products are made from Indian herbs and essential oils, while the signature experiences are borrowed from royal traditions and ancient Indian healing remedies.

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Vishramā is a deep, muscular two-hour massage for profound relaxation, that uses a hot compress of therapeutic Indian herbs.

Sushupti offers a two-hour treatment for deep relaxation and glowing skin. An aromatic footbath uses a natural blend of 22 herbs, green gram flour, honey and fresh cream. A soothing scalp massage, followed by a warm bath of nourishing raw milk, enhanced with rose essence and rose petals, washes away traces of the wrap. A face massage completes the ritual, leaving you languid and pampered.
Vishuddhi is a detoxifying experience that stimulates the circulation of blood, lymph and energy, followed by a traditional Indian herb wrap and a full body lymphatic drainage massage.
Soma is a unique couple therapy offering, involving two therapists who perform a candle-lit, Indian Aromatherapy Massage using evocative oils – followed by a rose petal bath and some exclusive time alone with a bottle of
Halotherapy or Salt Therapy, involves relaxing in a salt room, which activates a healing process at the cellular level in the body, helping the body restore itself naturally and effectively. The therapy helps ease breath, improves skin texture
and stabilises mood and sleep patterns. Vellana is an energising 60-minute experience that rolls the ‘velan,’or rolling pin, over the entire body, touching on various muscles and pressure points, instantly releasing tension and improving blood circulation.

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Other facilities include a steam room, an ice rub area, an experiential shower, chilled and normal showers, restrooms and vitality pools. The salon, a unisex facility, is spread over 1,987 sq.ft. and includes a facial room, a section for hair, a pedicure and manicure room and an exclusive VIP Salon Suite.

The fitness area is spread over 1,700 sq.ft, comprising the gymnasium and studio room. The gymnasium has avant garde equipment, while the studio section is dedicated for Yoga, aerobics and general stretching.