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Offering a mélange of properties, StayWell Holdings and Prince Hotels Inc. manage a diverse portfolio, ranging from luxury to lifestyle to midscale brands across the continents

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One of the largest hotel management groups in Asia Pacific, StayWell Holdings and its parent company, Prince Hotels Inc., offer a diverse portfolio of properties across a combined network of 75 open and operating hotels worldwide. Prince Hotels & Resorts and StayWell’s combined brand offerings include – The Prince, Grand Prince Hotel, Policy,
Park Regis, Prince Hotel, Leisure Inn Plus, Prince Smart Inn, and Leisure Inn. Each brand offers guests with quality experiences, ranging from luxury to lifestyle through to midscale brand. In conversation with Today’s Traveller, Rohit Vig, Regional Managing Director (India) & Director Development, StayWell Hospitality Group, shares some invaluable sights on the brand’s competitive advantage and his own take on a healthy work-life balance.

What are the USPs of StayWell Hospitality Group?
Prince Hotels & Resorts and StayWell have set a strategic goal to deliver 250 hotels (150 Prince and 100 StayWell hotels) in medium to long term. The expansion of both company brands will take place across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.
Prince Hotels operate a combined network of 50 hotels, 31 golf courses and 9 ski resorts. StayWell has an existing network of 24 open and operating hotels and a further 14 hotels that are committed and opening over the next few years. In addition, StayWell has two key strategic partners – Manhatton Hotel Group in China (19 hotels) and Cristal Group in the Middle East (11 hotels). Staywell Group has been in India for over six years, with a regional team operating out of Gurugram. The Group opened Park Regis, in Jaipur, in 2013, and already has six operational hotels in India. It is operating its brands Park Regis and Leisure Inn in the country and is currently in quest of a niche location to set up its premium brand.
Within StayWell’s framework of management services, a series of unique proprietary applications have been designed to optimise occupancy and financial return for properties within its portfolio.
The hotel group operates across all segments of hotels in the mid to the luxury bracket with emphasis on F&B and Banqueting across the portfolio to cater to weddings, MICE conferences and large events.

What are the different markets that you are currently targeting?
Our strategy is to build our presence in all the key markets, since we now have a wide variety of brands within our group, following the acquisition of Prince Group. Accordingly, the gateway cities, like Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru, will be our key target markets. The Group is also looking to add hotels in emerging secondary and tertiary cities as the opportunity arises. We are committed to India and looking forward to introducing a full range of brands from the merged entity.

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Tell us what draws you to this industry and how do you maintain a work-life balance?
For me, maintaining a work-life balance is very important and I think it’s really essential to take time
off from work. I go for a six-mile run every morning to de-stress myself. I love to play basketball and snooker and love competing in games. I maintain equilibrium in my life by fostering strong relationships with my family and spend quality time with them after work, on the weekends, or even on breaks. Planning outings with the family and spending time with them are the best stress busters for me – I take two vacations a year with my family to create incredible memories. I also love to cook twice a week, and my favourite is Southeast Asian cuisine.

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