Ranking the World’s Best Cities in 2021

​​The new study by Purely Diamonds reveals the top cities for newlyweds to consider, based on the elements that are the most important to new married couples.

Taking a list of the 34 most-visited cities around the world, we scored each city based on Average Rent, Utilities (including 60mbps Internet), Safety, Climate, Pollution, Essentials (Bread, Milk, Eggs), Transport (per person), Green Space, Culture (Museums, Cinemas, and Restaurants), Job Opportunities.
Using a weighted ranking system, the study assigned a score to each city. This took into account the factors described above. Each of these factors was weighted and assigned a value with lower numbers equalling a better experience for newlywed couples.

  • Prague tops the list as the best place to ‘Czech’ out for newlywed couples 
  • The top 4 best cities for newlyweds are situated in Europe; with Prague taking top spot and Athens, Venice, and Rome taking second, third and fourth
  • Europe comes out on top as the best continent for newlyweds
  • The lowest-scoring cities were Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Osaka
  • Prague is one of the cheapest places to commute, where you can get a monthly ticket for the equivalent of £18.27 per person
  • Tokyo tops the list for the best-earning potential, followed by Shanghai and Guangzhou
  • Prague topped the list as the city with the greenest spaces
  • Combining the number of museums, restaurants, cinemas, and theatres put Tokyo in the top spot for culture, followed by New York and Istanbul
  • Seoul in South Korea tops the list as the best city for foodies
  • Inverness tops the list as the best UK destination for newlyweds to settle down in as they begin life as a married couple

​​Top 10 Most Expensive Cities Around the World for Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre are:

  1. New York City – £4,817.72
  2. Los Angeles – £3,840.07
  3. Venice – £3,386.36
  4. Las Vegas – £3,066.51
  5. Miami – £3,005.11
  6. Singapore – £2,827.36
  7. London – £2,751.90
  8. Amsterdam – £2,679.14
  9. Orlando – £2,674.13
  10. Dubai – £2,635.12

New York City took the top spot as the most expensive city for rental properties with a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre costing on average a whopping £4,817.72 ($6,116.88) a month. 
​​Top 10 Cheapest Cities Around the World For Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre are:

  1. Ho Chi Minh City – £347.36
  2. Delhi – £357.92
  3. Chennai – £384.01
  4. Istanbul – £410.54
  5. Mumbai – £478.93
  6. Bangkok – £621.66
  7. Athens – £749.54
  8. Kuala Lumpur – £850.43
  9. Guangzhou – £884.20
  10. Shenzhen – £1,043.45

Ho Chi Minh City took the top spot for the cheapest city for rental properties with a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre costing on average a surprising £347.36 ($442.85) per month.

 The World’s Best Cities For Cheaper Commutes

Top 10 Cities Ranked by Cheapest Monthly Tickets:

  1. Mumbai – £4.00
  2. Ho Chi Minh City – £6.05
  3. Chennai – £11.44
  4. Delhi – £11.44
  5. Shenzhen – £18.15
  6. Guangzhou – £18.15
  7. Prague – £18.27
  8. Kuala Lumpur – £19.48
  9. Shanghai – £24.20
  10. Istanbul – £26.95

Mumbai came out on top as the cheapest city to commute, a monthly ticket costs around £4.00 per person.
​​In the seventh position is Prague which came out as the top city in the study, a monthly ticket is equivalent to £18.27 per person. This is around 7 times cheaper than London’s average monthly commute and Prague is 77% cheaper than Tokyo when it comes to the price of a monthly transport ticket.

Best Cities for Newlywed Earning Potential

If you’re planning on moving to a city, you need to know how easy it will be to get a job and ultimately how much you will earn, so if careers are at the top of you and your new spouse’s priority list these are the cities for you.
Top 10 Cities Ranked By Average Monthly Earning Potential: 

  1. Tokyo – £2,588.89
  2. Shanghai – £1,209.95
  3. Guangzhou – £884.20
  4. Osaka – £2,201.91
  5. Shenzhen – £1,043.45
  6. New York City – £4,817.72
  7. Paris – £2,220.23
  8. London – £2,751.90
  9. Bangkok – £621.66
  10. Los Angeles – £3,840.07

The cities were scored based on the average monthly salary, job listings on Indeed and the average working week hours. With over 757,000 jobs listed on Indeed, plus the highest average salary, Tokyo tops the list for earning potential, followed by Shanghai and Guangzhou. However, in Tokyo, you’ll be expected to work 42+ hours on average each week, and in Shanghai, over 46 hours a week.
If flexible hours and working from home is important to both of you, then you should take a look at Berlin, Dubai and Amsterdam. All three of these cities scored high based on the number of job vacancies offering flexible or remote working options.

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