Sandeep Gupta: ADRIFT Kaya is one of the most successful dining collaborations

Sandeep Gupta, Executive Chairman, Aria Hotels & Consultancy is set to reshape the hospitality industry with his latest venture ADRIFT Kaya situated at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity.

The visionary behind ADRIFT Kaya  - Sandeep Gupta, Exec Chairman, Aria Hotels & Consultancy
The visionary behind ADRIFT Kaya – Sandeep Gupta, Executive Chairman, Aria Hotels & Consultancy

ADRIFT Kaya is a transcript of a decade-long love affair between the Michelin star-rated Chef, David Myers, and the awe-inspiring city of Tokyo, at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity.

Says Sandeep Gupta, “This beautiful yet strategic union between both ADRIFT Kaya and JW Marriott New Delhi is well underway to become one of the most successful dining collaborations yet. This is what we strive to attain-  A modern Japanese dining experience nestled inside one of New Delhi’s most luxurious properties”.

Rooted at the very core of any successful collaboration are quality, hard work, and a long-term vision. David Myers, a global citizen and Michelin star-rated chef at ADRIFT Kaya beautifully encapsulates the heart of Japanese cuisine with his exquisite interpretation of his love for Tokyo.

The restaurant carries innate playful hospitality as envisioned by Gupta and Myers, and offers a glimpse into the philosophy of Japanese cuisine.

Chutoro -  ADRIFT Kaya
Chutoro – ADRIFT Kaya

Having travelled extensively across Japan and adopted its buzzing capital as his second home, David Myers draws inspiration from the mesmerizing laneways of Tokyo and the ancient culinary craft showcased in kitchens throughout Japan. 

The menu at ADRIFT Kaya, although inspired by tradition, is defined by David’s signature Californian influence and features pristine quality of produce throughout.

The restaurant is designed by Timothy Oulton Studio under the guidance of Timothy Oulton, bringing to life a visual masterpiece. 

ADRIFT Kaya features sumptuous but relaxed surroundings that combine authentic raw materials, state-of-the-art finishes, and beautifully detailed furniture that together with a team of experts, create unparalleled hospitality. 

 Sushi-Platter-ADRIFT Kaya
Sushi-Platter-ADRIFT Kaya

The bar offers a wide selection of sake and fine wines alongside its specially curated cocktail list by Jimmy Barrat. Jimmy is an iconic creator and trend-setter in the global bar community, Jimmy Barrat was the global bar development director for Zuma for almost a decade. He is a former Diageo World Class #2 and brought Zuma onto the World’s 50 Best Bars list.

The visionary behind ADRIFT Kaya

Passionate and enterprising, Sandeep Gupta, Executive Chairman, Aria Hotels & Consultancy is set to reshape the hospitality industry with his latest venture ADRIFT Kaya situated at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity. A second-generation hotelier, the entrepreneur is best described as a man with grit and a heart of gold.

Sandeep Gupta began his professional journey in the year 1998. Commencing from Hyatt Regency Kolkata to lead its expansion, the visionary thereafter wished to enter the luxury hotel space in New Delhi. He founded JW Marriott, New Delhi in 2013, positioning the property as a leading one in the luxe segment; one that consistently remains ahead of competitors to date. 

Main Dining  ADRIFT Kaya
Main Dining ADRIFT Kaya

Well-travelled and having the opportunity to try different cuisines around the globe, Sandeep Gupta first delved into the food and beverage industry with his venture K3 at the JW Marriott New Delhi. Garnering a global experience in hospitality through his escapades, he always strives to achieve greater heights and settles for simply par excellence in hospitality.

Keeping this vision in mind, ADRIFT Kaya provided him with an exciting opportunity to create an experience surpassing elevated dining; a phenomenal sensory experience within the capital. 

A fast-growing inclination towards Pan-Asian cuisine in the city sparked his sharp business acumen and he worked tirelessly towards housing the well-renowned brand ADRIFT within the hotel.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a trying time for all. The hospitality industry was one of the worst hit with unprecedented challenges and faced innumerable losses. Despite these adverse circumstances, Sandeep Gupta, a catalyst in reshaping and uplifting the food and beverage industry, spearheaded the way with his expertise and experience.

He made the valiant decision to onboard ADRIFT Kaya at the JW Marriott New Delhi. Bear in mind, that it was no easy feat as project development was initially derailed due to the pandemic, but he remained determined and dedicated to achieving immense success for ADRIFT Kaya along with David Myers.  

Bringing the very best on board for every aspect at ADRIFT Kaya, the space is designed by world-renowned Timothy Oulton Studio under the guidance of the late Timothy Oulton. The ADRIFT Kaya cocktail programme has been devised by Jimmy Barratt, an iconic storyteller, who has been recognised by both World’s 50 best bars and Diageo World Class.


Under the leadership of Sandeep Gupta, JW Marriott New Delhi has become a pivotal point in all things luxury. From housing the one-of-a-kind store by the celebrated couturier JJ Valaya – ‘The World Of Valaya’, to hosting the FDCI India Couture Week 2022 wherein JJ Valaya Celebrated 30 Years in Fashion with a grand, opulent event, the hotel has become synonymous with providing world-class luxury in New Delhi. 

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