Search for great wedding venues up by 39% as India closes wedding season

This wedding season,, an online platform offering wedding venues and related services observed a 39% increase in search for wedding venues in the last month of the quarter ending December 2022 vs the previous quarter ending September 2022.

Crowne Plaza Chennai Wedding Images 1024x683 1 Search for great wedding venues up by 39% as India closes wedding season
Wedding venues

Mumbai has shown the highest interest in wedding venue searches, followed by Delhi and Kolkata. The recovery in sentiment is full as demonstrated by the December 2022 trend, which is a 29% jump in interest vs the last pre-covid December which was in 2019.

Marking the kick-off of the year-end wedding season, the full quarter ending December 2022 itself saw a 13% increase in interest and search for venues as compared to the previous quarter ending Sept 2022.

Aditya Sharma Business Head Weddingz. in Search for great wedding venues up by 39% as India closes wedding season
Aditya Sharma, Business Head, Weddingz. in

Talking about the findings, Aditya Sharma, Business Head, said, “The increased interest in wedding venue searches is indicative of the big shift the industry is currently undergoing. The digitization wave has turned this albeit traditional industry into a consumer-first digital marketplace.”

He added, “Remote planning or ‘Plan from anywhere’ has enabled even the conventionally run businesses to connect, collaborate, and seamlessly deliver on their services. After a long period of lull, the industry is in high gear, to deliver not just on the pent-up demand but also create solutions for the new-age couple. Needless to say, the wed-tech marriage is here to stay.”

As the industry strides back to normalcy, Weddingz. in, recently crossed a landmark number of 35,000 banquet listings on its website. The company has witnessed a 45% increase in the number of venues listed on the platform since 2019.

Estimated to be a $50 billion industry, the Indian wedding market was on the cusp of change, which accelerated due to the pandemic. A recent survey by revealed that the pandemic has given a significant push to ‘digitization’ and the growth of online wedding platforms. There has been a rise in awareness and usage of online wedding platforms. In fact, the survey shows that over 63% of millennials prefer planning weddings through online platforms.

The study also reveals the reasons for the inclination toward online wedding platforms. Over 60% of individuals prefer to plan weddings online as it is an affordable choice. Nearly 70% of consumers feel that online wedding mediums are easy to use, and offer better customization and a variety of options.

Highlights of the study

  • The highest interest was shown by Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata respectively
  • 29% jump in interest for wedding venues vs pre-covid
  • A 13% increase in venue searches was observed in October, November, and December 2022 as compared to the previous quarter

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