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Ser Casasandra: Luxury sanctuary of harmony reveals ‘Ser Retreats’ programs for 2023

Ser Casasandra announces spiritual programs ‘Ser Retreats’ for luxury travellers seeking balance and tranquillity.

The creators are inspired by the mission to share their experience, accompanying guests in purifying old conduct and entering a peaceful state of mind at this beautiful retreat at Holbox Island, Mexico.

Ser Casasandra
Ser Casasandra

Seen as the architecture of an idea, Ser Casasandra is the ideal home in Holbox, Mexico- a house made for the art of living in peace and harmony and a space to share in unity, in the biome of life, movement, culture, art, and spirituality. 

Habiramy, CEO of Ser Casasandra comments: “A retreat is a refuge, it is a moment. A great stop to give yourself a space for observation, a space where you can observe yourself, feel, and see how you think and how this hinders your freedom. Freedom is in the mind, it is not in the form, it is not in the body.”

The Mayans believed in the power of the four elements to heal the mind and body. AHAL is the Mayan word for AWAKENING, the recognition of SER, a glimpse of infinite potential. Hence the name of the Holistic Center, the first of its kind in Holbox.  AHAL is the place to find healing and well-being through osteopathy, restorative physiotherapy, meditation, yoga, healing with Tibetan bowls, Synchrodynamics, massages, Mayan cleansing, and other treatments. 

The exclusive theoretical and practical tools to deprogram the mind and start one another way towards peace and stillness within the retreat. The experience will empower guests to give each other permission to restore self, heal and reconcile. Abilities gained through this retreat aim to help in everyday life and make the way toward peace easier.

Ser Casasandra
Ser Casasandra

‘The Mind, your Medicine’: from the 22nd to the 25th of June 2023

This is a retreat to find a new state of consciousness and stillness, in the company of Juan Miguel and Habiramy, two facilitators willing to accompany you on this path of self-knowledge and healing. Knowing the mechanisms of the mind will allow guests to put it in the function of Consciousness, of the Being, and not the other way around. For this reason, this will be a revealing meeting, where the practitioners will teach how the mind impacts the body, and how all pain or suffering is the consequence of obstructions, images, beliefs, and instinctive impulses of the psyche.

For years, Juan Miguel and Habiramy have shared research work in the field of internal search. Synchrodynamics emerged from these meetings, a method that supports the return to a calm centre, the centre of peace.

‘Sky Mind’: from the 13th to the 17th of September 2023

Based on over 25 years of Shirayam´s studies and experience of being a therapeutical group facilitator, “Sky Mind” is designed for participants to experience deep and clear healing, management, and expansion of the mind, and consequently, the ability to feel.

“Sky Mind” retreats provide guests with greater autonomy in thinking, feeling, and acting, as well as a clearer perception of reality and of the projection humans have in personal relationships and allowing one to perceive which way of thinking and feeling brings stress or peace into day-to-day life, supporting in making wiser decisions on mindset changes. Through this, an opportunity to build a stronger sense of self-worth, safety, and resilience through life’s challenges and miracles is presented.

Ser Casasandra
Ser Casasandra

“The body is mind”: from the 6th to the 10th of December 2023

During this meeting, the facilitators Juan Miguel Sanchez and Habiramy will support participants observe their reflections and images of themselves, bringing physical symptoms and compressing the entirety of their being.

That is why through the body, and the symptoms, the learnings will make it possible to understand the springs in the mind and raise questions about self-perception. As people follow what the mind guides, this retreat will show guests how to transform the mind into a place of peace and silence. Through stopping thoughts, emptiness, silence, and stillness, participants will find themselves far beyond any thought and any physical symptomatology, to live a much more liberating experience, from a universal awareness of totality.

To restore harmony to the guest’s digestive system and metabolism, Ser Casasandra attends to guests’ nutritional needs. The selected menu will reflect each stage of the retreat to strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels. The offer includes three healthful, organic, and seasonally appropriate dishes based on the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, and air) through vitamin-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, minerals, and minerals.

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