Monaco Moves Towards Sustainable Tourism

July 21, 2018

The Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo is proud to announce a pledge to prohibit the use of plastic straws. Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo thus becomes the first hotel of the Principality of Monaco to ban plastic straws. This action reaffirms the hotel's commitment to reduce plastic waste, and specifically the hazards to marine life caused by conventional plastic straws.

"We are continually looking for means to reduce the environmental impact of our hotel, and banning the use of plastic straws in our bars and restaurants represents a significant step in this direction. This is just one out of many initiatives we are working on to minimise the use of plastic in our hotel. However, in order to maintain the quality standards of the beverages served to our customers, some cocktails will keep PLA straws – a fully biodegradable material," says Serge Ethuin, General Manager of Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo.

Since 2007, The Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo has established an environmental policy called "Green Attitude." The main objective of the policy is to reduce the impact of its activity on the planet and preserve biodiversity. This commitment was formalised in various charters and is open to all – employees, suppliers and subcontractors – and seeks to educate the hotel’s customers.

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