South Korea ensures a safe and renewed travel experience

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South Korea is being appreciated globally for its efforts in managing the Coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry and the entire world is leaving no stone unturned to get back on track. With every country focusing on safety, hygiene and sanitization, South Korea has been applauded worldwide for being one of the few nations to have successfully flattened the curve without a single lockdown.

Korea being a forerunner in containing the virus, has been recognized by The World Bank in effectively handling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

South Korea is one of the first countries to promote domestic tourism and have already taken many steps to boost this sector.

If there is one destination that can rekindle wanderlust along with ensuring your safety, it is South Korea! The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is gearing up for holidaymakers to come and experience South Korea in a new, transformed way, adhering to all safety and precautionary guidelines.  

south korea
South Korea

KTO also recently announced its plans to promote night tours – one of their most creative steps by the government to revive the growing tourism industry. South Korea has a good environment for developing night tours as it is known for its safe streets and 24-hour stores available nationwide. They are encouraging people to utilize the quieter hours after the sun sets and witness the vibrancy of South Korea in the non-rush night hours. 

For safe travel, South Korea has assured certain locations that will provide visitors with a secluded yet fulfilling stay experience.

 Seoul being one of the most populous cities in the region, is also home to numerous attractions and night tour programs that are less crowded and impressive. Famous landmarks, towers and stunning architectural masterpieces, such as the N Seoul Tower and Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain are guaranteed to take your breath away. For a safe, cultural experience, one can discover the UNESCO listed treasures such as Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung palaces to witness the unparalleled collection of artefacts and glimpse into its historic roots.  

As social distancing will continue to be a norm, Korea is making health safety its top priority. On visiting Korea, a Hanok (Korean traditional house accommodation) will be a preferred choice of stay as it lends an authentic Korean experience with thorough privacy for tourists. 

Here, one can attain tranquility and enjoy a secluded stay and minimal interaction with service staff, leaving all worries behind. 

Owing to the current situation, visitors will opt for travelling in private vehicles as an alternative to crowded, community transport. Korea offers self-drives at the exotic Jeju Island, a safe choice for families or couples to explore the island’s scenic routes and get a taste of nature at its best. No matter which part of Jeju you choose to visit, be rest assured to enjoy a remote, stress-free, and relaxing retreat! 

Speaking on Korea’s safety standards and promoting tourism, Jong Sool Kwon, Director of Korea Tourism Organization, New Delhi Office said, “These are the most challenging times in the travel and tourism industry, but we are sure to recover and come back stronger than before. Korea is following every safety measure and we have successfully lowered the number of Covid-19 cases in our country. Although there is no definite answer as to when International tourism will resume, we are well prepared and look forward to welcoming travelers to come to experience Korea in a renewed and safe way. We are discovering more content and considering ways of ensuring the safety of tourists in cooperation with local governments and relevant authorities” 

The popular historical & cultural sights have opened their doors for tourists and visitors in South Korea, just months after their suspension due to the virus. Precautions are being taken such as limiting the maximum number of visitors to 1,000 people, requiring online reservations, and QR code entrance records.

Amongst eminent South Korea attractions, The DMZ is one of the most visited places that will provide you with an engaging lesson on modern history. Take in a gorgeous 360-degree view of Seoul at the Lotte World Tower which has opened the Sky Bridge Tour for a thrilling walk between its two structures, to reach at the top of the tower. The roof of Lotte World Tower was previously not open to public, making the experience all the more unique. The tour lasts one hour and consists of 12 participants per group and an instructor. 

As an extension of nature trails, South Korea, offers a plethora of breathtaking parks and forests where you can wander in a peaceful and invigorating atmosphere. 

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