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Spain to reopen international tourism from July 1 with no quarantine

Puerta del Sol Madrid Day Img Spain to reopen international tourism from July 1 with no quarantine

Spain resumes receiving international tourists from July 1 with no quarantine mandate.

OBJECTIVE: Spain is ready to receive the international tourists in safe conditions from July 1. This will save part of the tourist season while guaranteeing maximum sanitary security conditions and minimizing the risk of the virus re-emerging by import from abroad.
BORDERS: Once Spain has marked the opening date on the calendar, Spain will continue more intensively than ever to work with European partners to define the opening rules. Spain seeks to define common rules to regain freedom of movement in the Schengen Area (+ United Kingdom) under three premises: security guarantees, health capacity and transparency. Spain is committed to a gradual, coordinated and non-discriminatory opening between areas with the same epidemiological situation, that is, not only by country but by region.
CORRIDORS: The possibility of opening safe routes with third countries outside the EU that have adequate epidemiological conditions and based on reciprocation criteria is being studied. That determination will be in the hands of the European Center for Disease Control.
SPANISH DESTINATIONS: By the end of June, all Spanish destinations will have completed the de-escalation process and reached the new normalcy, so, unless epidemiological developments advise otherwise, they will all be open to receive tourists, both national and international.
SAFETY AND CONFIDENCE: Tourism needs Security. Safety at origin and destination. Spain will guarantee that tourists will not run any risk and that they will not bring risks to the country. Spain is prepared to receive international tourists. Work has been carried out so that the entire tourist value chain implements the maximum hygienic-sanitary measures to reduce the risk of contagion by Coronavirus (21 guides have been prepared).
CHECKS: From July 1 onwards, there will be no quarantine. Work is being done at the European level so that there are common protocols/checks to guarantee security and not confuse tourists.