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Aditya Mundra: The Pillars of Growth & Success for Treat Hotels & Resorts

In an exclusive interview with Today’s Traveller, Aditya Mundra, Managing Director, Treat Hotels & Resorts, speaks on his success formula based on exceptional guest experiences, flexible services, dedicated staff and delivering Indianized hospitality at luxury resorts, urban hotels, and adventure parks.

Aditya Mundra, Managing Director, Treat Hotels & Resorts
Aditya Mundra, Managing Director, Treat Hotels & Resorts

TT Bureau: Can you share the success formula of Treat Hotels & Resorts?

Aditya Mundra: At Treat Hotels & Resorts, our success formula is built on a foundation of exceptional guest experiences, flexibility in the services to the guest, and long-tenured staff.

We focus on delivering Indianized hospitality to our guests, whether they are staying at our luxury resorts, urban-style hotels, or adventure parks. Our strategy involves a blend of traditional Indian hospitality values with current trends to meet the evolving needs of today’s travellers.

TT Bureau: Treat Hotels & Resorts is seeing significant growth under your leadership. Can you share the key strategies that have driven this success?

At Treat Hotels & Resorts, our success is driven by several key strategies. First and foremost, Culinary Excellence is our Unique Selling Proposition. We have consistently provided the highest quality authentic food experiences to our guests across all our resorts and hotels, ensuring a memorable dining experience every time.

Our Guest-Centric Approach is another cornerstone of our strategy. Our team prioritizes guest satisfaction by offering flexible services tailored to individual needs, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business. This dedication to our guests ensures that we consistently deliver unparalleled service.

We have also established a strong reputation in Event Hosting. Our brand is renowned for hosting sought-after destination weddings, corporate events, and other social gatherings. These events have significantly contributed to building our brand identity, making us a preferred choice for many.

Understanding and adapting to our customers’ needs is crucial.

We continuously upgrade our properties based on customer feedback, especially at Treat Resort Silvassa, a 5-star resort. To provide unique experiences, we have expanded our portfolio to include a diverse range of properties.

These include Treat Beach Resort & Spa at Gholvad, Ras Resort by Treat at Silvassa, Treat Hotel at Nashik, Urbane by Treat at Daman, Saya Grand by Treat at Thane and Treat Adventure Park at Treat Resort Silvassa, catering to various preferences and enhancing our guests’ overall experience.

TT Bureau: How do Treat Hotels & Resorts maintain consistency & what sets them apart from other hotel brands?

Aditya Mundra: Treat Hotels & Resorts maintains consistency by standardizing its core service offerings per the guest’s requirement with each property. What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity, creating cherishable transformative experiences for our guests. We offer guests a family place for leisure or celebration and a place where they can conduct business meetings.

TT Bureau: How is Treat Hotels & Resorts positioning itself to capitalize on future emerging trends in the hotel industry?

Several significant trends are shaping the future of the hotel and resort industry, and Treat Hotels & Resorts is strategically leveraging these developments. One of the primary trends is the demand for creating authentic experiences. Modern travellers seek unique and meaningful experiences rather than just a place to stay. At Treat Hotels & Resorts, we prioritize creating a sense of connection with our guests by offering special dining experiences and wellness retreats that resonate on a personal level.

Another trend we are capitalizing on is the Focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities. We already successfully operated resorts in Silvassa and Gholvad, which are Tier 3 cities. Recently, we have expanded by opening hotels in Daman and Nashik.

We plan to continue this growth by establishing more properties in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities over the next two years, tapping into emerging markets and catering to a broader audience.

Technology-driven innovation is also at the forefront of our strategy. Last year, we transitioned to a fully cloud-based solution, marking a significant step forward. We have also integrated automated bots and AI into our systems. These innovations help us optimize hotel operations, deliver better-personalised services to our guests, and adopt more effective marketing strategies for increased visibility.

Lastly, workforce empowerment is crucial for us. We ensure our staff is well-trained to meet the ever-evolving standards of guest expectations. By adapting to new trends and technologies, we enhance the guest experience and maintain a high level of service quality.

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