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Allen Machado: We Aim to Redefine India’s Luxury Wellness Hospitality

In an exclusive interview with Today’s Traveller, Allen Machado, Chief Executive Officer, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats, speaks on redefining India’s Luxury Wellness Hospitality.

Allen Machado, Chief Executive Officer, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats
Allen Machado, Chief Executive Officer, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats

TT Bureau: Can you share your perspective on the current state of the Indian wellness hospitality industry?

Allen Machado: In today’s age of constant digital overload and mass consumption, luxury wellness retreats are undergoing a transformation.

Niraamaya is at the forefront of this shift, pioneering new approaches through innovative digital platforms and focusing on personalized wellness journeys for a global audience,

Niraamaya embodies the essence of modern luxury hospitality. India’s wellness hospitality industry is thriving, driven by robust government support and a surge in domestic tourism. The country’s rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and unique experiences have captivated travellers, fueling the demand for wellness retreats. Establishments like ours cater to this trend by offering all-encompassing wellness therapies, gourmet wellness meals, Ayurvedic treatments, and guided meditations, aligning with the growing emphasis on holistic living and mindful eating.

Niraamaya Wellness Retreats is spearheading this trend, as we consistently exceed our goals by delivering authentic experiences that nurture the body, mind, and soul.

For over two decades, we have set industry standards, establishing ourselves as an inspirational brand dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy in the wellness hospitality sector.

Niraamaya Wellness Retreats
Niraamaya Wellness Retreats Vaidekam, Kannur

TT Bureau: What factors have contributed to the success of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats?

Allen Machado: Several key factors contribute to the success of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats. Our fundamental approach prioritizes exceptional service, with a team dedicated to exceeding expectations and creating unforgettable experiences for every guest.  Additionally, a strong brand presence, built through strategic marketing and sales efforts has significantly bolstered our visibility and appeal in the market. These combined efforts have positioned Niraamaya as a leading and influential brand in the wellness hospitality industry.

 Niraamaya Spa
Niraamaya Spa

TT Bureau: How have Niraamaya Retreats been positioned in the market, and how does the Niraamaya brand leverage your business prospects?

Allen Machado: In an industry characterized by continuous innovation and enhancement of wellness offerings, Niraamaya Retreats have carved a niche by focusing on the classical experiences that our unique locations and destinations provide.

For nearly two decades, we have offered guests the luxury of indulging in wellness while staying deeply connected to the culture, cuisine, and trails of each region.

Our emphasis on holistic wellness is a reflection of this balance. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge spa and Ayurveda treatments with ancient healing practices, we create transformative journeys that nurture the mind, body, and soul. This approach not only positions Niraamaya as a leader in the wellness hospitality market but also leverages our brand to attract discerning travellers seeking authentic and enriching experiences, thereby enhancing our business prospects.

Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond, Kumarakom
Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond, Kumarakom

TT Bureau: Could you highlight Niraamaya’s Destination Weddings and Corporate Retreats Business Progress?

Allen Machado: Kerala’s lush greenery and our retreats’ scenic locations make them ideal destinations for weddings. The trend of destination weddings is popular among celebrities and ordinary people alike. At Niraamaya, we transform these occasions into unforgettable experiences at breathtaking venues overlooking the sea, waterfalls, and backwaters. Our spacious regal spaces, opulent decor, unparalleled hospitality, and exceptional culinary offerings ensure that destination weddings at Niraamaya are truly classy affairs.

Corporate meetings and conferences are progressing slowly, while social events have almost returned to pre-pandemic levels. Individuals, families, and friends are resuming their event and travel plans, as evidenced by the rise in staycations, workcations, and social gatherings. Our venues for corporate team outings and rejuvenating wellness services are tailored to provide restorative experiences. With our dedicated event team ensuring flawless execution from concept to logistics, clients can focus on achieving their objectives while we take care of the details.

Yoga Practice at Niraamaya Wellness Retreats
Yoga Practice at Niraamaya Wellness Retreats

TT Bureau: What are the sustainability initiatives taken by the hotel?

Allen Machado: At Niraamaya Retreats, we recognize the increasing importance of sustainable practices and are committed to providing luxury experiences without compromising the environment. Our sustainability initiatives are designed to positively impact the environment and include several key measures:

Niraamaya Retreats  Surya Samudra, Kovalam
Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam
  • Eliminating Plastic Bottles: We have eliminated plastic bottles from our retreats, replacing them with purified water in glass bottles to reduce plastic waste.
  • Utilizing Renewable Resources: Our retreats utilize renewable resources wherever possible to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Water and Soil Conservation: We partner with local associations to focus on water and soil conservation, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Awareness Workshops: We conduct awareness workshops for guests and locals to promote sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.
 Niraamaya Retreats Samroha, Athirapally
Niraamaya Retreats Samroha, Athirapally
  • Waste Management: We recycle e-waste and upcycle discarded cloth to address waste management concerns, ensuring that it is minimized and repurposed effectively.
  • We grow herbal and medicinal plants onsite as well as organic vegetables, contributing to biodiversity and promoting the use of natural remedies.
  • Locally Sourced Food Products: Most of our food products are sourced from local fishermen and farmers, supporting local communities and contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems.

Through these initiatives, Niraamaya Retreats aims to create a sustainable and luxurious experience for our guests, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and luxury can coexist harmoniously.

Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, Thekkady
Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, Thekkady

TT Bureau: Could you describe the brand’s growth trajectory in the global market? Are there particular strategies or innovations you’re looking to implement to foster this growth?

Allen Machado: Niraamaya has strategically pursued expansion into the direct-to-consumer segment through innovative digital platform initiatives, with the explicit aim of enhancing the global wellness experience. Concurrently, plans are underway to introduce a proprietary line of consumer products, thereby reinforcing the brand’s unwavering dedication to luxury wellness.

Niraamaya Yoga
Niraamaya Yoga

In pursuit of these objectives, Niraamaya endeavors to inspire wellness seekers worldwide, offering a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being. Spanning from spa therapies to yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, and beyond, the brand is committed to promoting overall health and tranquillity through accessible digital platforms.

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