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WCCF Chhattisgarh Chapter launched to propagate Tourism, Culture & Cuisine of Chhattisgarh

To propagate the wonderful culture of Food and Tourism of Chhattisgarh, the World Chef Choice Federation (WCCF), Chhattisgarh Chapter was launched on 25th January 2021 under the auspices of the WCCF India Chapter on the Eve of Republic Day at a glittering and insightful event at The Aananda Imperial hotel.

WCCF Chhattisgarh

The Chairman and Treasurer of this state chapter is Mr.Sumit Vidhani Director & COO The Aananda Imperial, the Senior Vice President WCCF India and In Charge Chhattisgarh Chapter being Mr.Rajib Roy Choudhury along with veteran Chef Awadh Lal Shukla as the President of the state chapter.

The Association targets advancement of cuisines, culture and hospitality and tradition of Chhattisgarh through the chefs, culinary talents, culinary entrepreneurs, hospitality professionals, hotel owners of the region… bringing all the stakeholders under a common umbrella to create opportunities for awareness of Incredible Chhattisgarh on a national platform as well as Globally. The association aims at working with the State Tourism Board closely to strike a formidable camaraderie towards advocacy of the afore said.

IMG 7666 WCCF Chhattisgarh Chapter launched to propagate Tourism, Culture & Cuisine of Chhattisgarh
WCCF Chhattisgarh

On this occasion Mr.Rajib Roy Choudhury quoted “The time is ripe to expose and explore this silver lining… let the sun shine bright and productive on Chhattisgarh and its Tourism and Hospitality.”

He goes on to describe the region saying, “the sun sets beautiful in Chhattisgarh, birds fly past and return to the nest, the din and bustle gradually fades out and one can hear the sound of silence gently fluttering around, creating a soft peace before oblivion. Amidst the pristine stands tall the beautiful and culturally rich monuments, scenic dams, forests and temples which are witness to history, modern scientific developments, culture and the rich flora fauna of this beautiful but yet to be explored state.

“After a bout of strategic and mandatory lockdown, when the entire country came to a grinding halt to counter and fight the perils of the pandemic, the entire logistics, industries and various forms of mobility were all cloistered and closed, it is a great relief to know that a number of vaccines have finally arrived, some more on their way… resulting in people daring out of their houses and abodes. Riding this sentiment, Domestic Tourism in India is going to witness a new high in the coming days” he further quoted.

Chairman WCCF Chhattisgarh Mr Sumit Vidhani strongly feels that the state is also slated to see a new dawn in inbound Travel and Tourism, which otherwise has remained dormant till now. The resurgence has started setting in and green shoots are somewhat visible, with India ranking 5th in the world in terms of revival. He believes that Chhattisgarh can definitely be a major contributor.

The silver lining, he believes is that certain demand is expected to  impact on account of the ongoing concerns, India and its states are also expected to benefit from it as demand for MICE from within the country and from other Asian countries which got affected the most are expected to be diverted to and within Green zones in India to a greater extent… benefits of which are already visible.

IMG 7762 WCCF Chhattisgarh Chapter launched to propagate Tourism, Culture & Cuisine of Chhattisgarh

Complementing this sentiment, Roy Choudhury added “Wedding Destinations within Chhattisgarh are also going to benefit because they are in the comparatively safer zones. The state is definitely one such attractive destination, given its rich flora, fauna, historical & cultural relevance.

“On the back of marginally positive sentiments for the domestic tourism led by social and industrial activities, we expect the momentum to pick up and going forward, the industry should be able to register some positive revenues starting from the third quarter,” he points out.

 India is a country with diverse religious sentiments which has led to considerable emotional travel, so it has an advantage largely to contribute to the domestic tourism demand and Chhattisgarh is one with ultimate pilgrimage resources in lieu to encompass.

IMG 7762 WCCF Chhattisgarh Chapter launched to propagate Tourism, Culture & Cuisine of Chhattisgarh

Sumit Vidhani reiterated that the upcoming trend in the New Normal era is going to be of solo tourism or in small groups of families and close friends indulging in religious and spiritual backpacking. There is also a decent scope of smart business and revenge leisure travel within and post Covid and the state is definitely going to lead and yield from being a dormant offbeat destination till date to being a vibrant one as a part of the ”Dekho Apna Desh” campaign by the Government of India.

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